Shot in the dark.. any interest in another shell?

I saw you run at LSPR last year but wasn't able to meet you during the Parc Expose before we had to get to our work assignment.

I've got a '92 MX-3 GS, with no title, that I got for parts years ago, and it's just sitting on my trailer. I planned on using the steering rack and not much else, for my turbo escort wagon.

Would you be interested in this shell, for body panels and other bits? The price? Completely Free if you come and get it, maybe a bit of gas money if I transport it for you. I'm in Baraboo, WI, which isn't really super-far from you.

There's no driver door window, no gas tank/fuel pump, no interior except door panels, no rear wiper. Engine does not turn over, I've never got far enough to see what's making it bind up. I can take more pictures if you want. Here's about the only picture I can find, from 2007 when I got the car:

Let me know if you'd be interested, I need to get this car gone soon, and I'd rather it be of some use to a rallyist than scrapped just to make room.

My email: jorden dot kleier at