I started navigating last year in June 2013 in a Volkswagen GTI in the NASA series with Mickey Moran. We then retired the GTI and got a WRX, Super Production, and began the Rally America National Series. Due to a wreck on stage in STPR we upgraded and got a STI, also Super Production. Our first race with the STI we got 3rd in class at NEFR. Unfortunately things got too expensive for Mickey so he decided to retire after Ojibwe; I continued to race in an '88 Golf GT at LSPR. I am looking for a full time team for the 2015 season for Rally America. I am currently working at a Volkswagen dealership which is pretty lenient with my racing but I am in school which doesn't allow me too have too many days off per semester. I will be at Rally Florida on December 6th probably just spectating but feel free to contact me or see if we can work something out there. I have also done a couple of other rallies with different drivers in the NASA series if you would like to know about those as well. Although I am new to navigating I am fairly comfortable with my abilities to keep up, and I am looking to widen my abilities with different drivers and techniques. Again feel free to contact me on here or find me on Facebook!