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Thread: Production Class 2.5RS Build - Calgary, AB

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    Haven't done much work on the car this week and it looks like I'll be working every day for the foreseeable future hahaha.. gotta keep building up the rally budget somehow!

    I emailed Custom Cages regarding the harness bar and they said, "There are tubes included in the kit for harness bar attachment – they are just not shown in the diagram." I'd still like to see a photo or a diagram from them of exactly what they mean by this though. Wouldn't the tubes be the harness bar?
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    Just in case you haven't seen this thread...
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    This looks familiar. Is your wife Karen?

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    Hahah yep, Karen is my wife and crew chief

    I'm guessing you are the co-worker she was talking about?

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    Ha. Ya, I'm one of the crew chiefs at Cariboo. Let me know if you guys ever need a hand. One of our apprentices is a former Vex crew/tech as well.
    Great to see someone building an RS. I really have a soft spot for these too! Shame I just sold off all my spares, but I still have an engine, 4.11 5spd, ECU and collection of SOHC heads if you need.

    Stop by the Cronus trailer at RMR and say hi.

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    That's awesome, thanks!

    I'll try my best to stop by at RMR. Got the days booked off from work already and going to sign up to volunteer. Only thing that might prevent me being there is that we might be sending a bunch of helicopters to the West Coast of Africa on short notice to fly medical supplies in to remote communities to help tackle the Ebola situation... so I maaay be in a UN camp in Sierra Leone by the end of the month :/

    Got some goodies for the 2.5RS showing up next week though... I'll post up some photos when they arrive!

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    Definitely keep up the info. We need more build threads!
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    I will definitely be keeping this thread up to date as the car comes together... in the mean time, here is a link to the build thread for the light pod I made for my Legacy a few years back. I keep thinking I should get a LED bar for the RS but the light pod just looks too good!
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    ...something else I've been thinking about doing while I have the car all stripped down is removing the whole ABS system by re-plumbing the brake system right from the master cylinder and adding in a manually adjusted proportioning valve. I was thinking of running the rear brake lines next to the center console and using a clutch master cylinder to add in a hydraulic e-brake too.

    Not sure it's really necessary at this stage of the game but thinking it might be easier to do right now since I will likely have to re-route the rear brake lines for the roll cage anyways.

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    Had some goodies show up yesterday thanks to

    Method 501 Gravel Wheels, 15x7, +41 offset. Probably not the most logical thing to buy at this point but if I had my priorities in order I probably also wouldn't be building a race car, would I? hahaha

    For now I'm going to run them with a set of studded winter tires on my Legacy GT for TSD rallies and ice racing.

    For the 2.5RS, I've decided to get Derrick at DSC Race Cars to weld up my cage. Even though it'll be a bit of a wait before he can get me in I'm not in a rush and there is still plenty for me to do in the mean time.

    My co-driver and I will be volunteering at the Rocky Mountain Rally this weekend in Invermere, who else is going to be there?
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