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    Hi All,

    I'm Mike and I'm from VT. I have been building cars since I have been able to drive and I'm just starting to get into the racing world. I have a lot of buddies that currently work for Vermont Sports Car up here and it's given me the nitch to start getting into some racing myself. Also you'll find I horde car parts so if anyone is looking for something don't hesitate to ask if I have it

    Also here are my 3 toys:

    2000 RS with WRC 22B replica kit from Aerosim and a 30R rotated WRX swap, and hopefully going to be my race car a 2000 RS with a 2004 STI engine/2007 STI driveline

    And last my daily a 2004 STI

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    Ascutney hillclimb this weekend(Ascutney state park), if you want to check out the local seen.

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