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    Default Looking for a navigator?

    My name is Alice Von Denes and I am 21 years old. I've navigated for 10 different rallies in the past year. I'm looking for a team to co-drive for for BRS, LSPR, and the total Rally America National Series next year. The guy that I was navigating for decided it was too much for him so he hung up the suit and helmet, so that leaves me with no driver and car I've got my own suit, HANS, and Peltor helmet. I would require for all expenses being paid as I am currently in school and now have a car payment to make. If you are interested feel free to either find me on Facebook or message me here! Hopefully I will hear from you soon!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Alice! I need a co-driver for LSPR. I have added you on Facebook under Andy Didorosi -- talk to you there!

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