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Thread: Maxxis Rally Tire R19 now available

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    Quote Originally Posted by sureshot007 View Post
    I just wanted to point out, that even with the shipping charge, it's cheaper to buy these tires from Demon Tweeks. I bet if you did a big group buy, they'd be considerably cheaper.
    To be fair, that's soley because of the very strong dollar right now. I did try and inquire about a large pallet full, and picking up from a warehouse to reduce shipping costs, no response.
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    Hey - just want to weigh in here. I'm impressed with Maxxis' efforts. The execs came to several rallies and decided to bring the tires in and sell direct. That's a lot of research and commitment. I know James Robinson and Evan Cline tested them a lot and had good experiences - both those guys have run on a lot of brands and know the differences.

    I'm a BFG man through and through, but I'm giving Maxxis an "A" for getting into the market. They should be supported.


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    One thing I'd also like to point out again is how great the service and availability is. I tried getting tires last year from a supplier and they only had one set left in a 215 soft. Not sure what the deal is now, but I think I checked again Late last year and same same. Not to mention that after shipping they were like $20 more per tire.

    I'm a small business manager as well, but when you have to call several places and make sure they can get product shipped to you, it's a hassle. Maxxis is hassle-free buying.

    Maxxis are available and they ship really quick at a great price.
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    I apologize to Maxxis for hijacking this tread but my company and name were mentioned several times so I figured I should respond.

    I just wanted to shed a bit of light on the difference between an independent importer and a larger scale manufacturer to give some perspective and perhaps respond to some of the critiques directed at myself and Dmack in this tread.

    As an independent importer and distributor for Dmack tires, I am responsible for purchasing entire containers of tires up front, often months in advance of delivery. Without the benefit of credit terms or direct manufacturer warehousing or marketing support it is difficult to support a niche market like rally in the US especially with a capitol heavy product line.

    I sell directly to competitors which enables me to offer a good wholesale price which is very competitive with other offerings even with shipping added on. It is not possible to maintain every size and compound throughout the season since there is a 20' minimum container ordering requirement (400+ tires) and only certain sizes and compounds are available for shipping at any particular time.

    I do my best to stock the most popular tire sizes as well as a variety of less common sizes for the folks who need them. This is challenging as often it means ending the season with $10K-20K of inventory on the shelf while at the same time having to come up with 3 times that for the next stock order.

    Competitors have a number of choices in the market place and a variety of reasons to select one over the other. As with any brand, not everyone will prefer Dmack, however they are widely and successfully used internationally and by some of the top teams in the US (including Subaru Rally USA). I appreciate all of those who choose to support me through Dmack Tyres USA. I have invested heavily to provide an option in this market and try my best to respond promptly to inquiries and ship quickly. The small marketing budget I have has been focused on prize funds for regional grassroots competitors. I believe that the vast majority of my customers are satisfied with the product and support and hope this continues to be the case.

    See you all out on the stages!

    -Justin Carven

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    Yeah - let me also state my support for the Justins (DMack), Doug Nagys (Pirelli), Tabors (Silverstone), and for that matter Chad and JBs (BFG, until 2015) and others. It's a tough, tough business - I can't imagine anyone makes much money at it. Really they're all supporting the sport. Be sports and support them.


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