Ojibwe 2014 Frequencies?
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Thread: Ojibwe 2014 Frequencies?

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    Default Ojibwe 2014 Frequencies?

    I am having no luck finding the frequencies for Ojibwe. Trying to get packed to leave tomorrow and I'm stuck on this task.

    Will someone please point me to that info?


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    147.57 is the response I just got from OFR on facebook. I guess that's it? Usually net and stages have a few different frequencies and a repeater or 2. Easy to set my stuff up if that's all there is to it I guess.
    Let me know if you hear of any more info on this.
    Thanks again

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    147.57 simplex is typically it - usually 146.58 as a secondary if the primary is blocked.

    There are no repeaters with coverage in the area, so the event runs a flat simplex net. Despite claims to the contrary, it works very well and is in many ways the most fail-safe also since there isn't a "single point of failure" like you get with a repeater based net.

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