Wanted: Rental Car for Rallye Defi
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Thread: Wanted: Rental Car for Rallye Defi

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    Default Wanted: Rental Car for Rallye Defi

    Hey all.

    Preferable a RWD. FWD second choice. 4WD if I don't have a lot of options at this late stage which is likely.

    Doesn't need to be a beast that will win, I am not that fast anyway. Anything from a 70's Toyota, a 90's VW, to a new Subie will work, just needs to be solid, maintained and ready to race. I'll commit to buying the car if I smuck it up. I'd prefer to fly into Montreal and meet the car there, but other option can be worked out if you have a tow vehicle. Would be willing to pay for ground/crew support as well, but isn't neccessary provided it is a solid car and all it will need is tires, provided I keep it on the road.

    Not trying to win (this year) just want to get to know the roads and event in prep for next year.

    I am planning on doing the entire CRC National Tour next year in our Scion/Subaru FRS/BRZ. I am in Vancouver but would love to come out and participate some of the eastern events this year. So if it works our for Defi, maybe I will rent it again for Tall Pines? Our plan for next year is to leave a car on the east coast for the ON/QC events as well as eastern Rally America events.

    Trade for the same favour if you want to fly and do PFR or RMR? We have an extra car here we could have ready for you.

    Contact me chickenhole at gmail, or here.

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    I have a G2 Mitsubishi Lancer ready to go. Will send you an e mail with more details.
    Also more info available at www.thompsonracingfabrication.com
    Look forward to chatting with you.

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