Need crew for Ojibwe?
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Thread: Need crew for Ojibwe?

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    Default Need crew for Ojibwe?

    Does anyone need a crew member for the Ojibwe Forest Rally? I've crewed for a VW team at Ojibwe and a different team at Headwaters rally before and it worked out really well and was a lot of fun for everyone so I'd like to go again. You can pm me or post here. Thanks!

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    Check this thread:

    Not sure if PCRFast (Brad) is going or has a crew lined up.
    A. Wells
    SP Evo IX

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    Yeah that seems to be the case with a lot of teams I've heard from actually. I don't know how I can help though because it seems like they need to fix their cars before they can go and they're out of state. I'm not sure what needs fixing, like if it's body damage, engine or just something simple like hoses and belts. I've heard from three teams so far in the same situation though.

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