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    For those headed to Magnum Opus (or other U.P, Rallies), several of the U.P. repeaters are linked together. Basically it follows M28 but but some of the southern repeaters are included. These are the ones I know of but others may be included.

    Marquette 147.27 + 100.0 PL
    Gwinn 146.64 -
    Wetmore 145.41 - 100.0 PL
    Grand Marais 147.195+
    Newberry 146.61 -

    These may also be included but I'm not sure.
    Ishpeming 146.91-
    Manistique 146.79 -

    I put them in a basic order of E to W in one bank of memories. As one repeater gets weak, I just change to the next memory. I did carry one conversation from Ishpeming to Newberry. Plug them in and give your friends a call. Grand Marais is sort of the weak link as it's way north of M28 . It is located at 1305' MSL, however.
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