Project car/ Parts car. 1995 Subaru Impreza L AWD.
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Thread: Project car/ Parts car. 1995 Subaru Impreza L AWD.

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    Default Project car/ Parts car. 1995 Subaru Impreza L AWD.

    Yes I am new here, no i'm not new to rally, rally x, autox, club racing or IIRA ice racing.
    My name is Ryan Hammond. I know being new here doesn't help to sell things but I'm trying to sell this stuff so I can purchase a different turn key race car. If you would like to get a hold of me about anything please don't hesitate to call or text me 763-443-9064. All parts are located in Coon Rapids Minnesota. and I am available to show you anything you would like after 6pm most nights and most weekends. I was building this for IIRA ice racing in minnesota, but the motor is currently not running and I am not interested in getting it running any more. It did run on megasquirt v3.0 but I believe it dropped a cylinder at a rally x. Never properly diagnosed it.
    I have alot of spare parts, I will sell everything as a package for a great deal, or sell everything separately
    The car does have some rust, but no holes in any body panels yet. still solid for the most part. The hood was crudely cut and modified with a 03 WRX hood scoop, and some vents from menards to let hot air out. (Ice racing isn't always the cleanest racing so looks never really mattered to me, function over form)
    Stock brakes (disc in the rear)
    92 turbo legacy subframe,
    early ej20g long block that NEEDS REBUILDING. heads are good.
    Currently has the stock transmission and rear end in it (4.11 gears, cable pull style clutch) with a new Autozone clutch
    Ricer ebay tachometer
    Ricer ebay coolant temp and oil psi gauges.
    Fake CF gauge pod
    Ebay BIG TMIC
    Front mounted oil cooler, with oil filter adapter (takes a GM oil filter)
    Grimmspeed AOS
    SARD 850cc injectors used for E85
    4 radiators. (2) OE Turbo legacy 1 auto 1 manual. (1) OE impreza coupe (1) 04 WRX wagon
    Spare 4.11 rear that was welded.
    JDM WRX RA transmission with the center differential welded
    All the neccesary parts for a manual swap (hydro conversion)
    many axles, 4 in the car, 4 spares
    (2) 5 spd spare driveshafts and (1) in the car.
    STOCK running when pulled last year 1.8L engine
    Full interior, is there but pretty dirty and stained.
    3 spare alternators, all have different plugs but are for a subaru of somesort
    many spare wheels and tires (oe aluminum or steel) nothing fancy. 14's and 15's only
    Willing to part and ship anything for buyers. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.

    here are some pictures

    Spares that can come with it or sold separately
    JDM WRX RA Transmission, center differential is WELDED (4.11 geared)

    Rear R160 4.11 geared WELDED (says open from JY that it was purchased from)

    Full set of axles (2 are new)

    (2) 5 speed driveshafts

    Full hydrolic transmission swap (pedals, master cylinders, 2 slave cylinders 1 new, brake booster)

    3 radiators, stock 95 impreza radiator with fans, stock auto turbo legacy radiator with fans, stock 04 wrx wagon radiator no fans

    I have sold the following
    Megasquirt v3.0
    LF steering knuckle.
    Turbo crossmember
    1 set of wheels (14" OE impreza coupe wheels)
    Tokico D-specs with STI take off springs.

    Again my contact info
    Ryan Hammond
    [email protected]
    Help me get this stuff sold. !!

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    Stock 95 impreza subframe with steering rack and ps pump/hoses

    passenger side tail light assembly unbroken

    Stock 1.8L engine (was running when pulled) Missing oil pan

    93 turbo legacy auto ecm

    14" steelies with almost new General Altimax Artic snow tires 175/65/14

    15" Legacy wheels with semi worn snow tires

    15" legacy wheels with semi worn bridgestone allseasons

    14" impreza aluminum wheels with "goodride" tires

    14" American Racing wheels painted gold with older Azenis rt-615 195/60/14

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    no one needs any parts?

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    Default Legacy wheels

    How many of the 15" Legacy wheels do you have?

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