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    Default Rally Utah - Aug 2nd

    A brand new event coming to the SW region.

    Coefficent 3 with 65.5 stage miles

    Location: Cedar City, Utah (1 1/2 hours from Las Vegas)

    The city is located up against the Rocky Mountains behind Zion National Park.

    Two stage roads are up on the mountain side with the elevation at 4K to 9K feet climb. You do NOT do a reverse but do a loop back to start twice on both the the stages. Very twisty/sweeping and and climbs of course in elevation.

    Other two stage roads are on the valley floor and are a hoot to drive on the other side of I-15.

    Hotel HQ: Crystal Inn and the overflow hotel is right across Crystal Inn as Super 8 motel. Both have rally rates but Crystall Inn is booked for Thursday night but are open for the weekend. So you can room at the Super 8 for one night and move on over to Crystal Inn and Suites for Friday through Sunday.

    There is a major event starting on Monday of that week called the Tour of Utah. A major event that will be on NBC Sports so all of the profressional cycle teams will be in that weekend getting ready for that event. They will be wanting to spectate our event out at Three Peaks. We look forward to meeting them as well. So do get your lodging ASAP if you are coming.

    A great university town.

    The service area will be at Southern Utah University Football parking lot.

    Recce will be Friday. You will be doing your own stage notes. We have the routebook set-up in order for you to do so..we have a brand new software we are wroking with that puts waypoints and GPS coordinates on each instructions. You will really like this routebook set-up. Thanks to Pat, Dave and John.

    Parc Expose - Friday evening in downtown Cedar City.

    What is great about this event is the stages for this event this year are not far away from the city. We have a full support of the city council and townspeople. They are getting the permits for us and getting volunteers for us to be split between us and the Tour of Utah. Which starts on that Monday where they expect over 10,000 people in for that event. NBC Sports film crew along with VIP sponsors so who knows we may get them to check out our event and see where it leads for 2015.

    Stage Schedule will be going up on the event website next week. The supplemental regulations will be done within a few weeks.

    All licensed competitors are welcomed from all sanction bodies. If you have a license then we just need a copy to check you have been accepted by those sanction bodies. No addtiional license monies are needed. The insurance policy will be very solid. We have to meet the needs of their expectations.

    If you are a novice. I explained that we would need to see a racing resume. But we will do this on a case by case basis with the steward and clerk of the course.

    The rules are being tweek to meet the updates and should be online within a week. Send me your questions via e-mail at denise @ southwest rally series .com. Run under Organizers HP Rally Association LLC aka Southwest Rally Group LLC

    So come on out and support this event and meet the Utah Rally Group competitors along with Colorado teams and they want to meet the Arizona and California and Nevada teams as well. A full support from them...we thank them very much.

    Any questions...send them to denise @ southwest rally series.com and follow us on FB and Twitter.

    Our scorer will be coming from Canada with his very own scoring program that is being used in Europe and several series over there. Mike and Paula willl be vacationing. good for them!

    Denise McMahon
    [email protected] southwest rallyseries.com
    Denise McMahon

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    The Organizers HP Rally Group LLC has its Sporting Regs already done and are now being reviewed. Should be up on the event website and on SWRC series website by the end of this week.
    Denise McMahon

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    Awesome !!!

    ugh what a bad year to have my rally car broken (along with my budget) but not my spirits !

    Aleana , Jeana, and I will look forward to at least being a virtual spectator . hoping for live results with twitter updates!

    maybe someone can youstream the service park or better yet a stage start/end or road block.
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    Well we are looking forward to seeing you guys again someday with the rally baby...

    The person from Canada who is doing our scoring should be able to get that up on the website as well as on rallydata if he works with Mike Gubeault on that...or on his website as well since it is his scoring program...
    Denise McMahon

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    The Rulebook is going up tomorrow on www.southwestrallyseries.com as well as on the Rally Utah website. Plus the stage schedule. The supplemental regulations are coming.
    Denise McMahon

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    Stage Schedule is now up on event website.
    Denise McMahon

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    The car class descriptions are almost done by the staff and should be uploaded by this week. We had a very good Rally Utah staff meeting. Received some great ideas so the tentative general event schedule will be tweeked at little bit and finalized this week. So do not the Organizers HP Rally Group LLC rules are uploaded on the event website and SWRC for you to downloaded.

    Coffman Racing is coming dowm from PNW to enter the event and looking forward to seeing the stages.
    Denise McMahon

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    Here is Stage 1 of Rally Utah...really a fun stage to compete on...
    Denise McMahon

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    It is so sad that we had to cancel due to the severe drought conditions that are existing in Southern Utah at the moment. But Cedar City would hate to see a premier event to come up and then told to us and to you...Sorry but the permits have been pulled due to the dew point is at 9 percent and we can not allow events to happen with such a fire danger." We agree not a good way to start. But BLM and Forest Service has talk to the meterologist and they see this as a temporary problem with the snow fall to be back to normal as well as the monsoon rains for late 2014 and 2015.

    Cedar City will make up for this problem and have discussed to go to two days and with Friday night stages up in the mountains. They have found a few more stage roads for us to use and BLM and Forest Service are being very accomandating since we worked with them due to this big problem they have...

    SNORE had their event two weekends ago and they were very luck the permit was going to be pulled but the area had a short rainfall to help to keep the faire danger down. Lucky for them...

    So we are postponing until August 2015. Thank you ALL for your kind words and full support to re-enter for 2015.
    Denise McMahon

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