Rally school difference between Finland and UK. Price and type
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Thread: Rally school difference between Finland and UK. Price and type

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    Question Rally school difference between Finland and UK. Price and type

    So Im planning to go to Europe for rally school.

    After a little research I found out that school in Finland charge you from eur5500~eur8000 while school in UK only charge you no more than eur1000.

    why is it so different and what makes it so different?

    Ive talked to Tommi Mäkinen rally school, Rally Promotion Finland school via email. They both quote me around eur7000.(below is their website)



    then I searched a little about rally school in Uk. They all cost somewhere around eur1000 from their website.


    http://www.philprice.co.uk/courses/1...ntense-course/ (this one is only 299)

    I just dont understand why theres such a big price difference.

    Can anyone tell me why and whats the difference?

    So appreciate.

    this has been bothering me for a long time.

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    Without knowing the length of those courses, hard to say.

    It's my understanding that there are some "rally schools" in the UK that are "jump in a rally car for an hour" and it's more for the experience than any real training.
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    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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    Anders is correct - unless you're going to Higgins' rally school


    Which is a DEAL

    Also http://www.rally-school.com/ is run mostly by the old Rockstar team, so Jonnie Wigmore, Robbie Durant, etc.

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    thanks guys. now i get it now haha.

    so one is just for fun and one is serious.

    rally is really a long way to the top.......its so frustrated

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    My name is Jonnie from the London Rally School. I stumbled across this thread and thought I would add some information that may be of interest.

    With a view to stage rallying and competition, a rally school can train a driver from grass roots level through to a competitive driver through 1 to 1 tuition, without the need for a driver to invest in their own team, car, and competitive events to learn the sport which can be a very steep learning curve.

    The rally experiences are different, mainly in that you participate in small groups, often beginners or people that want to experience the thrill of rallying but not take up the sport as a hobby or professionally, as such the costs are lower than the 1 to 1 tuition.

    We run a wide range of rally experiences but also 1 to 1 tuition from half a day to 4 days.

    A half day 1 to 1 course is often used by competition drivers who want to hone their skills before a rally or race to get a feel for the car or road surface after a long break away from the sport. We also see customers on 1 to 1 courses who want to see if they enjoy the sport with a view to progress things further in either racing or rallying.

    On the other hand a 4 day residential course can take a novice or semi experienced driver through to having the experience and necessary skills to be on the start line of a stage rally anywhere in the world and be competitive in their class. Included in this would be 1 day of co driver or navigational tuition with pace notes/maps, this part of rally tuition is often overlooked with rally training.

    Be it front, rear or 4wd tuition on gravel or asphalt surfaces with professional instruction from existing rally drivers, every course is bespoke in a way that it is tailored to each drivers own personal goals and experience, and can be built upon in their own country and championship.

    I hope this gives a small insight into the world of rally tuition and best of luck with your training.

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    Hey guys,
    Did anybody end up ever going to an European Rally School? I'm going to be in the UK this summer and I would love to go to one of the schools there. I did some looking around and it seems like my best options are in no particular order:
    1. Higgins Rally School (which is now called Forest Experience Rally School) http://www.forestrally.co.uk/index.htm
    2. Phil Price Rally School http://www.philprice.co.uk/
    3. London Rally School http://www.rally-school.com/

    Any thoughts on them?

    It seems to me like they are roughly half the price of what you get in the US if you want to do a full day in an AWD car in a group (not 1 on 1) class. Plus it would be a great time to drive some real Welsh gravel stages...

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