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    Default Stilo trophy help

    So..... After many years of BSI love, I had to finally purchase a new Stilo. This fancy trophy model comes with Hans posts that are already drilled. Fantastic, right? Well, yeah, If I had a Hans!
    Heres the problem, I think my Hutchens tether links that I took off my old Stilo would convert to new Stilo, but they do not.
    Here is the question: a) has anyone else ran into this; and b) do you know the thread size and screw size that should fit into the pre-drilled posts so I can retro-fit my Hutchens posts from the old WRC Stilo?
    Last issue- I am leaving for Desert Storm tomorrow, and quick help would be appreciated.
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    IIRC they're an M6 fine thread. I'd have to pull a post off one of my helmets to check. However, I don't believe the SAH 2010 helmets (with the preexisting anchors) are meant to be used with the older style, D-Ring helmet anchors. It's my understanding that there is an FIA rated anchor that works with the SAH helmets, and allows one to use the hybrid.

    Since Simpson now owns both HANS and Hybrid, I'd give them a call: CALL TEAM SIMPSON1.800.654.7223
    They're in Texas, between San Antonio and Austin

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