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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveHintz View Post
    In case you are interested, we are running the following spring rates on our E36 rally car:
    350 lb front
    150 lb rear
    This is with rally-valved Bilstein inserts.
    Good luck with it!
    Hi Dave, are you also in a compact, or are you running a regular E36? Like I mentioned, I'm using an M3, and am working with John/JVAB to put together a setup that will work for rally-cross (ie: no jumps, ~60 mph max on course). The car will be driven to and from events, and I would like to make it tolerable to use at aut-x as well (if possible). Got any suggestions?
    Nick Drymalski
    '88 528e Rally-X Car Build Thread- Caged, head swap, etc
    1996 Infiniti I30 DD/Auto-x/Track Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Vanlandingham View Post
    I have a huge aversion to talking to made-up-names, it seems childish and immature that we should be TRYING to discuss something expensive and important but "wearing" a mask and hiding ostentatiously a name, still though 95max.

    What you read about coilovers damaging mounts is wrong....
    The thing that generates a lot of force--and thus stress on a shock mounting point is the degreee of resistance that the valving in the shock generates..
    Especially on the compression dampening side should somebody chopose to valve it overly stiff as most everybody does.

    The spring does not multiply or increase the force it is resisting--and in any case, its just a couple of hundred pounds per inch of force..Nothing for a M10 or a M12 bolt.
    But the damper can generate up to virtually infinite force if valving is wrong, design of adjusters dis-allows sufficeient pass thru on sqaue edge bumps causing what's called spiking...

    All this little subtle details escapes those who, despite probably never seeing inside one actual shock, go around on every forum speaking loudly, confidently, and wrong.

    And I bet they have race careers at least 3-4 hours long....(on one forum I occasionally look in on the self described "experts" who incidentally say the same BS about adding a 175 in pound spring will snap off mountts and ruin bodyshells brag about "In my racing experience...which is 100% in parking lots in maybe secondd gear for a minute and change at a time and totals perhaps 3 or 4 hours total in his life in a mainly stock--aside from his disasterous choices in springs-car.
    It would be funny if it were no so sad that he advises street/road guys to use springs---with ordinary out of the box KYB or Koni--that were more than 60% stiffer in front than the manufacturer did in WRC with the same basic car, and more than double and a half stiff on the rear than the manufacturer used on tarmac in the WRC. Maddnaess.---But I bet you would feel confidence to read his website...
    John, I've been trying to call you for over a week with no luck, could you please give me a call if you see this? Thanks.
    Nick Drymalski
    '88 528e Rally-X Car Build Thread- Caged, head swap, etc
    1996 Infiniti I30 DD/Auto-x/Track Events

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    Sorry to be slow responding. I think the spring rates we are using would be good for the rallycross & street driving you're describing. Of course the shock valving will be an important variable too. I don't have the shock valving knowledge & vocabulary that would be necessary to make recommendations for that but I think JV will.

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