86 VW Golf 1.8L 2WD G2 Rally Car FOR SALE $2600
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Thread: 86 VW Golf 1.8L 2WD G2 Rally Car FOR SALE $2600

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    Default 86 VW Golf 1.8L 2WD G2 Rally Car FOR SALE $2600

    86 Volkswagen Golf 1.8L AGS 2WD Pro Rally Car FOR SALE:

    Thinking of running your first rally? Want to compete in the Oregon Trail, Mt Hood, Olympus, or other rallies? Be ready for the next Rally America or NASA rally with your new G2 (Group 2) rallycar! This Golf is a very competitive rally car for G2. Engine is stock, but well tuned. Plenty of power and adjustable control to fit your driving style.

    This car's roll cage has been certified and grandfathered into the Rally America rules. It has a logbook. It was well built back in 2006, but will need to get re-inspected because of it's lapse in rally use. This car has seen 3 stage rallies and a number of rallycrosses since it was built. I have stopped running it because I was low on money and thus it has sat for several years. Now I don't have the room and need to sell it and let someone else enjoy this car.

    I have over $6000 into this car from purchasing it, building it, swapping out the engine/trans, installing the custom roll cage, custom dash, and other add-ons. It's well worth the $2600, all ready and waiting for a new rally team. This is the least expensive way to start rallying.... all the hard work is already done for you. It just needs a little bit a maintenance and you're ready to go.

    Engine runs great (but is dirty) and has been fine-tuned by Double J Motorwerks (DJM) in Portland.
    It's had a new motor swap and now has a 1991 1.8L engine in it. This engine has been rallied and tuned.

    Intercom system for both navigator and driver
    Adjustable foot brace for the navigator (stationary seat)
    Adjustable seat for driver
    Heavy duty roll cage constructed by Race Tech Fab, Portland, OR
    Custom aluminum dash
    Brand new AutoMeter PRO-COMP gages: speedo, tach, oil psi, temp, fuel, and clock (not installed)
    Momo Corse racing seat (cover needs cleaned)
    Silverstone tyres, about 1/2 worn. Can run another rally on them.
    Comes with safety triangles and fire extinguishers.
    Hella Lights with light bar (x4 lights)
    Exhaust has been welded and strengthened in the case the car was jumped.
    Custom skids plates on front and rear
    Custom coil-over adjustable suspension on the front
    Welded braces in the engine compartment for a strut bar (removed in photos)
    Welded braces on the rear suspension mounts for reinforcement
    Much more not listed....

    Parasitic load that will drain the battery in about 1 week unless the battery is disconnected.
    Needs to be washed/cleaned.
    The switches and interior controls are zip tied to the dash and all of them function. They just don't look good and are not readily accessible.
    Needs a passenger seat.
    Needs updated safety restraints.
    Will need tires soon, perhaps after another rally.
    Needs new tags

    This car was last run as pace for the Mt Hood rally several years ago. It's been maintained since, but has been sitting outside for most of it's life since then and needs scrubbed clean. This is a great bang-for-the buck deal for a 1st time or 100th time rallier.

    Please email [email protected] for photos or questions.

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    I just sent you an email.

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    Red face Pics?

    I would love to see some pics on this one.

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    I was told by seller that it's sold.

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