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    Default 1979 Datsun 210 Rally Car

    I want to sell this car because I'm getting out of stage rally for awhile, I just don't have the time to keep doing it.

    So here it is! This is the closest I could get to a Ford Escort Mk2 in appearance and, I hope, handling. I love classic rally cars, and RWD is king! It's simply a blast.

    The front of the car is mostly a Nissan 240 (1989~)

    It's a pretty dang good rally car on the gravel, it handles quite well.

    The good, and the new-ish

    Logbooked, RA legal (* but the cage needs a door bar update, that's all)

    -Tri-link rear end with a fitted Volvo 240 axle and Eaton LSD, as well as the volvo brakes.
    -The volvo axles have been re-drilled to fit the 4x4.5" bolt pattern of the wheels
    -4.88 Final Drive
    -DMS progressive rear springs, 250 lb
    -Hydraulic handbrake, made by Compbrake UK
    -New rear right caliper, new pads
    -New battery, mounted center and above the rear axle in the car
    -Heavy-duty adjustable trailing links
    -Rancho shocks


    -KA24 NA engine from Nissan 240 (1989~) still runs strong and is powerful enough for this car
    -Mikuni 44mm side draft carbs, with lots of extra tuning jets
    -Fresh clutch
    -Nissan 240 (1989~) coil-over front suspension from Barrett Dash at All wheels Driven with Bilstein HD struts and 250lb Hotbits springs and helpers,
    -Nissan 240 (1989~) steering rack, 2.6 turns lock-to-lock. NO power steering, use your muscles, it's easy on gravel, and not too bad on tarmac.
    -Oil cooler
    -I've run good Castrol GTX oil in it since I've owned it, and replaced the plugs/wires/distributor rotor and cap.
    -New Japanese Nissan Master Cylinder
    -Adjustable Control arms

    -Rooftop vinyl of a man punching a bear. Yep, this will forever keep the car from rolling over. FOREVER.
    -Driver and passenger side roof vents
    -Fender flares all around.
    -Light bar


    -FIA Homologated Racetech seats, never been in a wreck, comfortable. No wings.
    -Monit-Q 10 rally computer
    -Fire extinguishers (need to be re-certified for stage rally)
    -Expired Crow belts, (re-webbing is $90 total for them. They're good belts, I really like them)
    -Hydraulic handbrake
    -Stilo WRC 03 intercom
    -Roll cage tied to the A and B pillars.

    The Spare Parts:
    -8 or 9 mounted rally tires, in various worn conditions. 5 of them are Silverstones, the others are Lassa's. The Lassa's work very well!
    -4 Snow tires on Panasport/Minilite Replicas. Beautiful.
    -Spare trans, should be rebuilt, however. 2nd gear isn't so hot on it
    -Left Fender
    -Bilstein HD strut
    -Part of a front clip
    -Spare hood

    The not-so-great:

    -It's a used rally car. Not everything fits like it should, and it isn't sparkling clean.
    -The cage needs a door bar welded in on each side to be rally-legal again. It's a pretty simple fix, I just don't have a welder. It's been driven and raced since 2011 at rallyX events since, but no stage rally since that occurrence/realization.
    -The brakes need to be bled further, they're a bit mushy and I haven't had anyone who can give me a hand to help me bleed them.
    -The wiring could use some sorting. It runs and everything just fine, but the flashers don't work at the moment, nor does the light bar.
    -The carbs could use a tuning. They ROCK from 2500 and up, but getting it there is a mild sputterfest. I have a bunch of different jets and the manual for the Mikuni's to tune it, so it's all there, just needs some time put into it.
    -2nd gear is a pain, and reverse is a bit tricky. It works fine, just shifting into it is rough. That's what happens when you buy 240sx transmissions used, they come from people who like to think they're drift pro's. But that's why it comes with a spare trans.

    Some testing footage:

    View Photos:

    I paid $4500 for it without seats, spares, and with a bunch of other problems when I bought it, before dumping a bunch more money into it, and I just want the same $4500 out of it now. However, if you want the car as a project, and don't want the spares&seats, I'll sell it for $3000. That will be minus the seats, belts, minilite replicas and all the wheels except for what fit the car and a spare, the spare trans, spare hood, spare front fender/clip.

    PM, call, or email are all good for contacting me.

    [email protected]

    Eight zero one . four nine eight . zero six seven one
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    Ben Hetland
    1979 Datsun Mk 1.5 Escort 210sx


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    GLWS. And I just have to say. This picture is flat out gorgeous.

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    If this was on the east coast it would be in my garage! Unfortunately the drive is a bit much for me. GLWS

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
    I know I know!

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    So, Ben (& Jerry) - why is there a MN plate on that car...

    press on,
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    Jimmy (John), it's because I still have a IRR status military ID, which pseudo-allows me to have it registered in a state I don't live in anymore. It's shady, no doubt, haha!

    Also, the car is SOLD. Look for it out midwesty-way.

    My love of classic rally cars isn't gone, though, it shall live on in the form of an occasional driver doubling as an occasional rallyX car.
    Ben Hetland
    1979 Datsun Mk 1.5 Escort 210sx


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