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    Hey there guys. I want to know if anyone has gone to rocketrally or dirtfish for a drivers course. I would like feed back on if they liked it or not and why.

    I have had really good communication with dirtfish. They answer my question and email me back right away. But I would have to fly to the states to go to the school and that's cool but it's an added expense.

    I live close to rocket rally and would like to support a local Canadian business.. BUT Rocket rally on the other hand have been the hardest people in the world to deal with. They don't respond to any of my emails and finally when I called the guy on the phone he said he would email me back in the morning with information(witch he didn't) and treated me like I was some kind of inferior being because I'm just starting out. He also didn't say anything good about dirtfish driving school. (Unprofessional)
    Im starting to think rocket rally doesn't care about making money or having happy customers.

    Is anyone else having these problems or is it just me?

    Iv already decided I'd rather go with dirtfish just on the fact that there not assholes. But it does really piss me off that I have tried hard to bring business to a Canadian company that's not even worthy of it.

    I would still like feed back because I want the best instruction I can get.

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    I recently went to Dirtfish (November) and it was amazing. Everyone there wants to make sure you have a great time. Food is good, grounds are awesome and cars a quick and fun. They used old Vermont Sports Cars so you get to drive Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and Dave Mirras old cars. The "lessons" are great. I was only able to attend the one day class due to other work related plans but, it was well worth it!


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    Rocket Rally isn't really a rally school but a rally shop that has options for one to one instruction.
    Dirt Fish is more of a "get the rally experience" type school and school is their primary focus.
    Just go to DirtFish now if you feel the need to go to a school instead of going rallying for real. Or you could try to find a rental and run a rally or build a car and run a rally instead.
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    If you live close to Rocket, you don't have to fly to the US to go to Dirtfish. (it's about 2 hours from peace arch crossing)

    I'd suggest dirtfish (or O'Neils) would be a better option for someone who hasn't got a few events under their belt. (In my opinion, one on one instruction is for people who have a lot of money to spend or people who want very specific training, not fundamentals)
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    If you want to escape to Florida, the RallyPro school at The FIRM is also an excellent choice (though obviously we are a bit biased). Now that we are a new sponsor for SpecialStage.com, visit www.gorally.com/ss for a 10% discount code for all of our schools!

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