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    Default FLR-SCCA Winter Challenge Series

    OK, here we go.

    On Sat., 1/4/14 we'll have The Long Way Home '14.

    Starts out of the Wadsworth Grill, 3901 Main Street, Wadsworth, NY (not too far from The Yard of Ale which should be familiar to those who've run the series the past few years). Nearest city is Rochester but there are places to stay closer to the start/finish location.

    Details at the region's website (www.flr-scca.com).

    This is the first event in a long running upstate NY series and like before the series is run on Sat. evenings on mostly unpaved roads.

    Check out the details, requirements, and cost at the website.

    Where else can you get out on great roads on a winter night?

    Or you can sit home and watch Lawrence Welk with yer mommy, ya cheese eatin' pantywaists.

    Groundskeeper Willie laughs at ye.

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    Latest weather reports say we will get up to a total of 10" of snowfall over the next few days (that does NOT mean we'll have 10" on the ground-its just that we're getting 4" or more per day).

    It's cold now but should warm up a bit.

    Snow now is fluffy 'cause it's in the teens. Might be a bit more solid by Saturday evening.

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    I've got at least 12" in my back yard right now. The wienerdogs are not too happy about that...

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    A rare sighting.

    Sounds like it should be another good season opener. Sorry to miss it this year.

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    Next event is the Ithaca Rally.

    Sat. 1/18.
    Starts out of Watkins Glen at the Burger King and ends in Ithaca at Manos Diner.

    Great roads in the Finger Lakes area.

    Lots of wine tours and a few microbreweries in the area. Add that to the music scene in Ithaca and you could make it a real busy weekend.

    The rallymaster needs workers!!! Please help out. Contact Gary Thomas if you'd be so kind as to help. Contact info at the FLR SCCA website.

    Working boosts your rally karma and may even help you avoid serious serious problems with ditch magnets.

    But not always, I can tell you. D'oh!

    Please be a volunteer if you can.

    More info at the FLR SCCA website as always

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    Well, one more fun time this year for the winter challenge series.

    Slip Slidin' Away will be held this Saturday (3/22).

    Starts and ends at Cheap Charlies in Bloomfield, NY.

    Registration from 3:00 - 4:00 pm
    First car off at 4:31

    More info at the FLR-SCCA website.

    Weather should be in the 40's F at the start. Figure on washing the car the next day if the weather stays as it is now (3/19).

    Oh, boy! Might be mud & ruts, snow & mud, or mud & mud. In other words a real rally!

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