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Thread: First car, looking to build 1990 VW Golf. any advice would be amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt87 View Post
    John is trying to get you to think about RWD, maybe a Volvo or an Xratty if you let him!! Just saying.....
    And why is it that there are several of those being built in your area right now? Who are the guys building them and what swung the scale over towards those cars?

    Especially the one guy who was lifetime Saab guy, what would get him to abandon the idea of a Saab 900 turbo 16v that he just happened to have a good rust free shell, engines, and all the other junk?
    Why make the move? (you can help the noobie guy out by sharing your reasoning)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik.bohlen View Post
    I'm not set on a vw it just seems like a really good deal, My brother in law is a vw/Audi mechanic, so I do have some help around to look at it as well.
    Good to have family help when possible for sure.

    Since you mention "good deal", have you worked out costs to attend events? If you are coming from Anchorage and going to say Seattle, that's a 4500 mile round trip. In our rig, that'd cost me $1800 in fuel alone, plus 3~4 days of driving.

    You can fly to Seattle (assuming you are in Anchorage) for what, $700? Which is all to say, it sure seems like you might be a great candidate to get your feet wet by flying to somewhere with an event and renting a car, or co-driving for someone.

    Because of your location, the cost to acquire the car will be especially dwarfed by logistics costs.

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    That's what I was thinking. Olympus is the closest US event, then Oregon or Idaho. I'd think the western Canadian events would be much more likely. Barret Dash at All Wheels Driven usually has a rental car or two and provides service crew also. He does new Bilstein suspension also.

    While I'm not a VW guy , there are a lot more of them running in the western hemisphere than 240 Volvo or Merkurs, always has been. If Eric runs Canadian events and Olympus or Idaho then he also doesn't need to mess with the new guy restrictions of Rally America. An AWD Sube or Audi in turbo trim is a good possiblity also.

    No matter what welcome to the sport.

    Gene McCullough
    Olympus Rally co-chair
    NASA/RA scrutineer

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    There's a neato subaru loyale up there. the wagon aspect of it lets ya drive it to events, push button 4wd makes it a daily for you crazies up there in AK. LOL just kidding but looks like fun driving around up there, you got some crazy roads when i took a look around via google earth.
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    Welcome to the looney bin.

    Read the stickies.

    IF you are building - read the rules for all 3 sanctioning groups - RA/NASA/CARS - and build your car to be compliant to all 3 !

    The car is the cheap part of the deal.

    Remember - have fun!

    press on,
    just a poor, dumb, Michigan(now Wisconsin) navie

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