2006 Sti with Rally America logbook. SP or Open class

Reason for sale: I want to move to a different car. Looking at built open class car or possibly something different.

I bought it in 2011 and it had 3 events on it when I got it, 1 Tarmac, 1 winter, and 1 gravel. I have raced it about 4 events each year except this year that I did 3. Recently I have had it serviced before every event by RKT Motors in NY.

Location: NY zip code 12721

Current setup: Car can come with a few different setups and that will change the price significantly.

Setup 1: Super Production with RSSP rallyx suspension
Setup 2: Super Production with Proflex 55mm suspension
Setup 3: Open class with PPG Dogbox (better front and rear diff also) with RSSP
Setup 4: Open class with PPG Dogbox with Proflex (Currently how the car sits)

Price Range: $19k-$28k Depends on what setup and what spares.
pm me or email [email protected]

- low milage vf turbo 34 mm restrictor
- Cobb accessport tune with launch control
- brakes 4 pot, 2 pot with Ferodo ds2500 pads : still has brake booster
- Brakes are all stainless lines with proportion valve to adjust rear pressure
- hydraulic handbrake
- momo steering wheel
- cobra seats and also a momo with halo currently in navigator
- schroth belts for Hans
- 6 puck ACT clutch and steel flywheel
- stock 6 speed trans and rear
- Dccd pro diff controller
- short throw shifter
- peltor intercom but also have a stilo can include
- did have a rally pro navigator unit but not installed. Wires are all labeled. Have a spare terratrip
- at least 6 wheels and tires. Have many used tires to include if desired
- 2 option for Suspension: 1) RSSP rallycross suspension ( no external reservoir) needs rebuild which I can do. 2) Proflex 55mm I believe with external res and rebuilt almost every event.
- alignment washers tacked in for proper camber
- heavy duty aluminum skid plate
- mishumoto radiator
- Perrin turbo inlet
- Aftermarket boost solenoid
- carbon light pod
- extended wheel studs and lugs from Vermont sports car
- stainless fuel lines
- sway bars disconnected
- Many Tarmac wheels and tires available if desired.
- Lightweight drycell battery

I am sure there is more but those are the basics. Also I have quite few spares of things, brake pads, ball joints, control arms, spare turbo, that I could include.

Wheels and Tires: Probably more than I can list or even remember:
Gravel wheels:
6 evo corse wheels
5 speedline
Tarmac wheels:
2 sets of sti BBS's
5 Gold Speedline 18"
4 Prodrive 18"
6 Sti 2008 wheels 18"
Gravel Tires:
Almost New set of Dmacks (6)
Set (4) Michelin softs - 80%
Set (6) Yoko's - 40%
Set (6) of Michelin mediums - 40%
15" Hancook winter tires with Studs 10 - New
and Probably more
Tarmac Tires:
17" Direzza's
17" all seasons
17" BFG tarmacs soft (6) - 70%
17" Michelin tarmacs medium (4) - 60%
17" Michelin rallyx tires - many of various wear. Were practice tires for GRC
18" BFG tarmac Wets (4) - very rare - 60%
18" Pirelli Tarmac tires (5) - rare - new
18" Direzza's (4) 50%

There is a crack in the front bumper under the drivers headlight.

No rolls. Have had a few offs where a corner has been damaged. Driver side front corner has been replaced after a tree hit and passenger side rear quarter has been fixed after hitting guard rail. Car drives straight and has been aligned perfectly since then. The headlights are aimed too low so then need to be adjusted, just haven't had the chance to.

Recent Service:
- Shift fork replaced on dogbox
- low mileage vf48 turbo
- New timing belt and all associated stuff in 2013