Michelin North America (BF Goodrich) has made the decision to exit the Rally Tire market for 2014.

Michelin and BF Goodrich tires are now available at clearance pricing while inventories last:

Michelin 14/60-14 TL80 (Medium): $210.00/ea.
Michelin 14/62-15 TL70 (Soft): $210.00/ea.
Michelin 16/64-15 TZ70L&R (Soft): $240.00/ea.
Michelin 17/65-15 TZS80L&R (Medium): $250.00/ea.
Michelin 17/65-15 TZ80L&R (Medium): $250.00/ea.
Michelin 17/65-15 TZ85L&R (Medium): $250.00/ea.
BFG 195/70-15 GZ2SL&R (Soft): $195.00/ea.
BFG 195/70-15 GZS3L&R (Medium-Soft): $195.00/ea.
BFG 215/65-15 GZG45L&R (Medium): $195.00/ea.
BFG 24/64-17 RC01 (Rally Cross): $240.00/ea.

Michelin's decision to leave the North American market is due to the extreme difference (+$200/tire) in Retail pricing between the U.S. and Europe and the negative impact it has on the European market.

You should enjoy your chance to utilize the best rally tire available at more than half the price while inventories last - first come first serve!