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Thread: Missouri area rally fans

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    Sure, thanks for bumping this up. I know there's local guys heading to Magnum Opus and Stpr soon. Maybe somebody will take you up on that.

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    crew would be nice for magnum opus, i think we have 1 crew guy between 2 teams

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    Stillatoy I'm wondering if you still somebody with land im como. I'm not really looking to organize a whole event or anything I just live in Columbia and am having a super hard time trying to find places to practice throwing dirt. Do you know of any good spots? I would really like an open gravel area to practice for rallycross.

    As for magnum I might be interested those dates are not the best for me but if someone is going to stpr let me know!

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    We're going to STPR.
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    Anyone else going I could catch a ride from stl to stpr and crew for? I'm really good at working on cars and all things metal fabrication related

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    Dcg I sent you a pm

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