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Thread: Missouri area rally fans

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    Rally cross events are the only other type of events going on. The amount of work to put on even a small rally is so difficult that there just are not enough events. This leads to the further problem that because there are not enough events close enough, no one builds a car. So we don't have any cars because we don't have any rallys because we don't have any cars. Or which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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    2 in MO is more than most states have. I feel like that's pretty good. We've talked about a third one, so maybe some day.

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    I would definitely like to see more events around this area. Where can I found out more about rally cross events in MO? It would not seem so bad if there were events closer to MO but it seems most of them are SW - CA, AZ, NV or NW - WA, OR, ID, or NE - NY, PA... I think Mid-MO has a lot of potential beyond the 100AW.

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    Don't confuse Global Rally Cross where cars go leaping through the air with SCCA RallyCross which can be done in your dailey driver.

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    The StL area SCCA rallycross program has gone silent for the last year or so. Used to be 5-6 a year within 2 hours of StL. None now, but they are working hard to get the program going again. Just need some dedicated people to get it and keep it going. The Ozark Region of SCCA is active in rallycross, so google them and see what you find.

    MN and MI have their share of rallies and it's not that far.

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    Awesome, thank you. looks like the Ozark region rallycross is still active with 4 events for 2014.
    April 13
    May 18
    June 29
    Aug. 10
    I will research whats going on in MN I may be able to make it up there every once in a while.
    Looks like the KC SCCA is active with rallycross as well but the site doesn't give much info about it.
    Next Event – RallyCross #1 at Garnett

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    Thought I'd bump this thread back up. There are a number of MO area competitors planning to run Ojibwe. A few people are hoping to go volunteer too. If there's anybody in the area looking to go up and help, let us know as I'm sure we can find you a ride or place to sleep.

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    Hi guys I live in Columbia, MO and have been volunteering at the 100AW for the last five years and although I'm a ways away from getting into a stage rally car and competing I would like to help spread the news about events and help draw in more people in the area. I know this area falls under the stl rallyx region and I might know someone that has some land the we can hold some events on.

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    Just bumping this with the idea of seeing if anyone wants to volunteer for Ojibwe. Like Curt said, a number of teams are going up to run the rally. Carpooling and sharing lodging can really help with cutting down on costs.
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    I know this thread is kind of old but I went to 100aw last year and have been dreaming of being a rally driver ever since If there are still people in stl looking for crew or for guy who wants to learn to be codriver or just help out im your man. I live in Columbia so 2hrs isnt too far for me.

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