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Thread: FS Subaru GC8 open class car

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    ahhh, that one. Totally forgot that car was yellow under the wrap.

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    Is the car still available? I private messsaged you and never heard back from you

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    Sorry been busy with work and the holiday. Yes the car is still up for sale and yes is is masons old car originally built by mike wray from what I put together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 321Go View Post
    ahhh, that one. Totally forgot that car was yellow under the wrap.
    Yes yellow under the wrap and I guess blue before it was yellow.

    Also found out I did not have email notification on API appologize if I was late on pm responses. I believe I got back to everyone this weekend.

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    And was silver/black before that. Mike's build of the car and color scheme were influenced a fair amount by Matt Iorio's cars (Mike got to know Matt after they chose the same ditch to part in at OFR one year).

    Mark Holden - G2 Nissan Sentra SE-R

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    Mark Holden - G2 Nissan Sentra SE-R

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    Nice find mark! I really hate to sell this car. But bills are coming in from the wedding and the money would really help before the holiday.

    Dropping the price to 14k if you can pick up in the twin city area.

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    I think I have gotten back to everyone. If your still waiting to hear back let me know. I have been pulled out to travel for work and now I'm back for at least the holidays.

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    I put a new battery in and got it started took it for a spin today. Bleed the brakes as well.

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