FS Subaru GC8 open class car
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Thread: FS Subaru GC8 open class car

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    Default FS Subaru GC8 Open Light / Open class car Ready to race!

    UPDATE: The Car is SOLD

    This is a built Open car, but have made some slight modification to run it as Open Light

    Currently the car is setup and running as Open Light, but it can easily be converted back to Open (just need to put the turbo back in and a few supporting parts like intercooler, exhaust, then retune). So great car to get started in and then bump up to full Open with out much fuss. If you want it as Open then let me know I could get it swapped back over pretty quickly

    GC8 setup 04 sti engine and trans swapped. Car originally built by Mike Wray maintained by gram Evans. Previously owned by the Moyles Rally America log book cage. RSSP coil over set up. Currently the paint is just a plati dip white. More details pm me. Or just ask.

    Has everything you need to race! We just ran it as Open Light this summer at Headwaters.

    Group n brakes 4 pot front 2 pot rears.
    RSSP by Baratec coil over set up very nice suspension
    Alfa pro rally ODO computer
    Full rally America log booked cage
    TILTON Duel brake cylinder set up for front and rears
    Sparco seats
    Hydraulic hand brake
    Light pod (no lights though)
    Peltor intercom
    Compomotive wheels

    Has some spares I could wrangle together. extra Compomotive wheels, Sways, control arms, hubs, lights, starter, alternator, steering rack, doors, NA intake piping, ARP Bolts, Cusco LSD, Enki Rims, some other stuff id have to dig up

    Full car album here http://s275.photobucket.com/user/snw...ry/Rally%20Car
    Located in Minneapolis asking $12500 OBO,

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    Ok had some time to get pics loaded up. Like I said in getting ready to send it out for paint but if you contact me before hand I could knock it off the sell price.

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    Is the rally car still available for sale?

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    Updated original post with more info

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    Is this Matthew Johnson's old car?

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    Pretty sure that is CPD2, which lots of people drove, including O'Sullivan, O'Neil, Sarasin, Havir. Not sure if MJ ever drove it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 321Go View Post
    Pretty sure that is CPD2, which lots of people drove, including O'Sullivan, O'Neil, Sarasin, Havir. Not sure if MJ ever drove it.
    I'm pretty sure its not CPD2. I think this car was originally built by Mike Wray then raced by Mike, Jeff Moyle, and Mason Moyle. I did lots of testing with it in 2008 with Jeff and it was quite fun back then.

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    No, not CPD2. Carl is 100% right on the lineage of the car.

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    Yep, I confirmed with Mason Moyle and Whiskers that it is indeed his old car.
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