We have had a lot of questions on good economical racing gear. So here are recommendations if you are on a tight budget.
At $270, a decent starter suit is the Sparco Jade.
JADE-NR (Large).jpg
One of the best quality yet lowest priced helmet with buiilt in electronics is the Bell Mag-1 Rally at $459.95.
To come in lower with a helmet w/intercom you may need to do it yourself by getting a cheap helmet and adding intercom electronics from Stilo or Peltor.
*We don't carry any cheap helmets as we believe the helmet is by far the most important piece of safety gear.

As for Hans devices, the least expensive is the Sport II at $635. You can save $40 ($595) if you have your own helmet post anchors.
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Sport II Rear 3:4 300dpi-sm.jpg
For gloves and shoes we would go with the OMP Rally glove at $75 and the Sparco Race Shoe at $100.
ib702_red.jpg racewear_shoes_race_blue_00127.jpg
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