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    Even though we have had a lot of positive feedback on the Black Rocket tires we felt they could be better. We have been working with Black Rocket to improve their retreaded tires - specifically for the US market. Buyers liked the firm sidewalls of the BR 44 but wanted a harder rubber compound. So Black Rocket (aka Keskipinta Ltd.) agreed to make a BR 22 tire (symmetrical pattern) on the BR 44 casing using a harder rubber compound. So we ordered several sets of both 185/65-15 and 195/65-15 sizes today. We also talked them into making some BR 22 in 175/70-14 with the same hard rubber compound. We hope to see them all in about a month. We will post when they arrive. Meanwhile, we have a few sets of the original BR 22, along with some BR 33 and BR 44 tires, left that we will continue to discount.
    By the way, unless you speak or write Finnish, don't ask us why they cannot make a harder compound BR 33 or BR 44 tire.
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