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    Default The Alabama Cannonball Rally / Bama Rally Fest / Rally Alabama

    Trying to get some rallying going down here in Bama.... Nov 8-10th.. I know it's short notice... sorry. This will be a fun touring rally/ light TSD with some 'free transits' and some challenging roads at any speed, and a loose surface shakedown stage.... fun and social. Hope to grow it to full rally status with super-special stages and the lot. info here. registration and supps/ GI's will be forthcoming. Will begin as an SCCA road-rally.. might entertain co-sanction offers for/with any other organizations in the future... More to come.... John Barnett 256-682-1097

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    Awesome! Is this going to be TAC event? Around Huntsville or Bankhead? A friend and I have been meaning to get over there and visit one of your events.
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    c'mon., Road-Rally Forums.

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    I went to the Rallycross Saturday, lots of great people. I'll be comming back!

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    Rally is full, but waiting list available.... I fully expect at least 3-4 teams to drop out due to soccer practice, band, ballet, or whatever it is that you ralliests with kids get over-ruled on.. lol.

    Things are actually moving along nicely... 40 cars max.

    Motorsportreg page coming along... to pay up front. CC's will be accepted for donations to your favorite team, and the team that raises the most for charity gets to do Rallycross runs all day Sunday for free.


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