new member... longtime lurker. interested in rule clarification
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Thread: new member... longtime lurker. interested in rule clarification

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    Default new member... longtime lurker. interested in rule clarification

    Hi all, I'm a new poster and longtime lurker who is hoping to be ready to compete in Rally America events in the Northeast for the 2014 season. I would be driving a 2001 Focus built to spec, but there is one somewhat trivial issue I'm having figuring out whether the WRC Focus wing is legal.

    If you have your rulebook handy, I'm on Chapter 10.2, Section A, part 5, section G, second paragraph, which states:

    g. In addition, any Open Category vehicle may add one or more aerodynamic devices. These aerodynamic devices must be securely attached to the original bodywork and may protrude no more than 150mm from that bodywork. They may not be attached to another aerodynamic device.
    Now is that 150mm (15cm, 6") measured from the wing's closest or furthest point from the body?

    The wing in question is from the Wings West WRC body kit.

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    I realize I may have posted this in the wrong location. If someone could let me know where best to ask about Rally America rules let me know. No section of the forums seemed obvious enough to me, but that could be user error of course...


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    The first section of that paragraph you quoted reads
    For Open Category, wings or other aerodynamic devices are

    permitted if they are visually similar to devices available from or

    homologated by the vehicle's manufacturer for any model sold.
    So yours could be legal if its deemed "visually similar" to the real wrc focus bodykit.
    And I would guess that the 150mm is measured from the wing's furthest point from the body, the wing's closest point would be where it attaches to the body.

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    Good point. Until 2005 the Ford World Rally Team used a near exact version of that wing, but I thought the rule only applied to stock wing configurations. It seems only right I should be able to bolt on what they have.

    I didn't clearly state what I meant by furthest/closest point. I meant the distance of the horizontal plane of the wing, the topmost part, and whether they measure in total how far it sticks out or where that plane begins.


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    you'll get a couple turned-up noses cause Carlos or Colin didn't spit on it, but screw that, it looks cool. run it and wait for someone to complain.

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    Didn't Van Way have something similar until he took it off because it was hurting high-speed handling?

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    Furthest point from the body.

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    haha thanks... im gonna run it see what happens, maybe practice my sad puppy face in case the scrutineering gets heavy...

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