1985 VW GTI Rally Car for Sale
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    1985 Group 2 VW GTI.
    Originally a road race shell, prepped for rally by Scott Fuller.
    I've had this car for 10 years. Time to sell as there are no rallies in Colorado and work/family schedule isn't going to allow me to travel out of state.
    Highlights are VW Motorsports Gemini Dogbox with new refresh from Gemini Trans in the UK. Techtonics built motor. Lots of Group A parts.
    Just did a bunch of work to have the car ready for the Land's End Hill Climb here in Colorado—so the car is up to date and running well.
    I've got lists of specific parts and spares. Call if interested and I will send spec sheets and give you the history of the car.
    $14000usd with full spares package. Might split dogbox from car—might. Located in Boulder, CO. Possible delivery.
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