Selling another one to clean out the garage, 1997 Legacy GT Auto, 179k, 2.5 dual cam.

The Good: Clean body with normal rust on rear arches, but underneath is solid. New front 02 sensor, coil, wires, plugs. Clean interior, nice paint with rust exception. WRX wheels with shot tires, but comes with good 16" snow tires.

The Bad: Cylinder 4 misfire, it has 175psi compression, but it is not firing. (all cylinders are 165-175psi. Occasional CEL from it. Not sure why its misfiring/not firing; worst case scenario is burnt valve, I have a good dual cam head that goes with the car just in case. I might even have a set of head gaskets too, I'll check. Has an exhaust leak too, but that appears to be from some monkey messing around under there and not from rust.
Sunroof doesn't close on it's own, you have to push it. (goes back though!)

Asking $1300, but flexible and just want to clear up the space.