CRX spring rates for SCCA Rallycross
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Thread: CRX spring rates for SCCA Rallycross

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    Default CRX spring rates for SCCA Rallycross

    Quick Question. I'm just curious if anyone thinks the following spring rates will be too stiff for SCCA rallycross:
    89 Honda CRX Si (~2350 lbs with driver and full of fuel, stock weight distribution is 62/38% Front/Rear)
    225 lb/in Front
    225 lb/in Rear

    Some information I have found say stock springs are 250F and 175R, but I don't have the stock springs and dampers anymore. Running tokico Illumina dampers.

    I'm just looking for some guidance on this subject. I have never done anything off road before, only road racing and autocross, so any input is appreciated.


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    I'd be more concerned with ride height. Are your current springs lowering the car? If so, you probably don't have adequate clearance.

    The real issue here is that events tend to have a regional flavor. For example, we tend to use a 1/4 mile racetrack and run through the infield. Colorado has a large dedicated offroad park and a truck driving school which is tightly packed gravel. Other regions use open fields. The point is that each of these is different in what is required. The hard pack responds well to stiff springs. The open fields require a softer spring and added ground clearance as the event will quickly tear up the dirt and create large ruts.

    You just need to get out there and figure out what you actually need. Enter an event with no thoughts of winning it. Drive conservatively and see where the issues are going to be. Talk to the other drivers and the event organizer. Ask lots of questions and you will likely figure out what you need for whatever class you choose.

    Yes, there are classes out there. I run an RSX type S in stock FWD. If I made any mods at all, I would be in production. If I added rally tires, changed engines, or did radical suspension mods, they would put me in modified. Trust me, you don't want to be in modified unless you have the experience and desire to build a dedicated car. Most cars run production classes around here, as the intakes, cat backs and other popular street mods put them there. Again, know the rules and unwritten conventions in your region before committing.

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    I'd take those stock spring numbers with a grain of salt - the OEM springs are progressive, so trying to identify them with a single number is unhelpful at best.

    As jayn_j said, if you're trying to run at the ragged edge, suspension is very venue-dependent. Your best bet is to make sure you've got enough ride height, and go race it. Second best bet is to hit up a junkyard and get some stock springs (I imagine the springs off any of the 88-91 civics would be close enough, if they're not exactly the same, as the CRX springs).

    All of my rallycross experience has been on stock springs - 1 year on an 88 CRX w/ stock dampers, 1 year on a 88 civic w/ KYB GR2s, 2 years on the 88 civic w/ Bilstein HDs - I've never felt that I needed to go stiffer.

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    Just run stock springs for cone squishing. As others said, you want ride height. Unless you're going with some coil over suspension. Those "stock" spring rates you heard about are more like Civic/Integra Type R spring rates than a CRX. OEM spring rates are more similar to 150/100 front/rear on stock Civic/CRX. Finding any sort of stiffer spring will more than likely lower the car. So, unless you're going with a coil-over stick with stock springs or pick up the Tein Gravel spring set.

    For what it's worth, I run 400/225 lb (70/40 in N/mm) and would probably bump down the front to a 375ish up front. Tein gravel specs to be 65/35 N/mm front/rear.
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