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    Hey all, I am fixing to take my tech test this weekend. I have a Vertex 354 hand held that I have as a spare for my job as a paramedic. I was wondering if this radio was legal and able to operate on ham bands for rally use. Also wondering if I could cross band with it. Please excuse me, I am still learning alot .

    Here is the link to radio specs

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    Can't tell from the docs. It looks like it has the capability to be used in the ham bands but that may be blocked out in software. Can't tell at all if it will crossband. It also looks like it doesn't have the functionality to automatically do repeater offsets for the predesignated repeater subbands. Not sure if any of that makes sense; you can PM me with questions if you like.

    Hooray for you taking your tech license!

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    Thanks for the reply. Im just going to get a good mobile rig for this years 100aw that way I dont have to worry about finding someone who can get the vertex functional on the ham bands.

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    You can find good used mobile rigs on eBay for $80 - $100. I picked up my icom radio on there for $95. Been working great.
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    Yeah, I have been looking on there trying to find a deal...Probably wont be able to buy anything until the first part of Febuary, My goal is to have one up and running good by the time we have the rally down here in Salem.

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    Late to this thread. I doubt it could be set up to cross band. Almost all commercial band radios are single band-either highband VHF (150-170 MHZ) or UHF (450-470 MHZ). Very few users are licensed for both bands so they do not have a need to cross band or even have dual band capability. That said, a willing radio shop might add ham band freq. to your radio.
    Bigger problem is one needs software to program the radio and it's only 16 channels. How many does your EMS service use- are there spare channels available? Additionally, around here (Michigan) almost all medical response is UHF. Most rallies run VHF frequencies so the radios would not be useable at an event. New ham radios are inexpensive as other posters stated.
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