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I brought in a few of the amazing McKlein 'Wide View' Calendars. $59 ea + shipping and tax, unless I can get them to you at an event.

McKlein Rally 2013 - The Wider View (more pics at www.rallysport.ca )

McKlein's famous rally calendar once again comes in its impressive 95 cm wide panoramic format and, in line with McKlein tradition, features the twenty-eight best pictures from the World Rally Championship.

On top of that, the world's leading team of rally photographers have come up with something new. "McKlein Rally 2013 - The Wider View" compares the spectacular Fafe jump in Portugal in both 1984 and 2012, it offers you a glimpse into Volkswagen's secret workshop, and shows Rally Mexico with a miniaturising effect.

For each month of the year, you can have a choice between two very different pictures which range from water splashes and powerslides to atmospheric images underlining the variety of the WRC events and locations.

As a further bonus, in the accompanying text the McKlein photographers give an insight into the camera settings that they used to produce these stunning images.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein
Photos: McKlein
Size: 95 x 48 cm
Pages: 25
Pictures: 30 (a choice between two images every month)
Extra features: spiral binding, shrink-wrapped and dispatched in a cardboard box
ISBN: 978-3-927458-58-1