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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy View Post
    More than once, when working a start line, I have "accidentally" leaned on a competitor's hood (to fasten their hood pins) and then said to them "you didn't see that".

    I have to say it more than once to some teams before they get it...............

    (A control zone is a Parc Ferme')

    press on,
    None of those issues are a problem with the 2012 NASA rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EricW View Post
    None of those issues are a problem with the 2012 NASA rules.
    What about the current rules?

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    [/QUOTE] So basically, what unwritten rules and expectations are placed on people in rallies? I have found it is one of the most friendly helpful sports I have seen so far. I just wonder what you can do without getting anyone in trouble.[/QUOTE]

    My experience is that you get the most help from the well known and the un-knowing!
    It can pay to know the control crews for additional info on the current road conditions... hazards... or even a good pep talk. I have not had much luck asking for dust/snow minutes from these individuals however! The un-knowing are the most flexible early in the day...they seem to catch on quickly and will shortly know your tricks! Candy and promises of free beer only brings "thank you's" and smiles....never a dust minute!
    As an example of newbie ignorance I can easily use myself... The first event I worked was SnoDrift 2005 I think, I was working start control and had one of the new style VW bugs roll up (many of you know who this savvy driver is) and ask me to shut the rear hatch. I quickly shut the hatch thinking they had forgot to shut it earlier as many of the crews had gotten out of their cars while waiting in line. The driver then asks me to shut it again, but really slam it hard this time. Thinking I must have not latched it properly, I really slammed it good! Then about 50lbs of slush and snow fell from beneath the car....hmmm lesson learned. No one else tried that trick that day.

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    Anders, are you preparing a list or some cliff notes on these first time issues somewhere? I haven't seen you chime in for a while here. I have one issue, it would about insurance - or insurances for the vehicles and for the rally itself.

    I was surprised the guest driver in the TR7 had to pay for that bridge - thought insurance covered it.

    And second, does my policy cover my modified car on transits or my service vehicle- (note what happened in Peru) as I am in an "organized speed event". Do I tell my insurance salesperson what I do?

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    Can your crew go watch?

    Technically no according to the rulebook... however if you're a newbie racing, let them do what they want. No one is going to file a protest. Just don't let them service or have contact without you outside of service.

    The way I look at it, i'm dragging people hours away, to make them sit outside and not see any racing is just not cool in my opinion. Worst case senario you get penalties, but you're still racing and as a newbie thats all that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    Anders, are you preparing a list or some cliff notes on these first time issues somewhere?
    Cliff notes? No. I'm writing a book.

    I've decided that the reason that we often give people the advice "Oh, you really should team up with an experienced rally guy" is because there's no other way to learn all this stuff, given the poor job the sanctioning bodies have done preparing this kind of information for the racers.

    I just took a look this morning, it's up to 44 pages (8.5x11 sized). I figure I might be halfway done, but maybe just a third. The reality of the time we live in is "if you can't google it, it doesn't exist". If "getting new people into the sport" is an important part of the mission of a sanctioning body, and it absolutely is for NRS, then we should be doing something to make it easier for people to learn about how to get into rally racing as a hobby. Because if we don't, their next search will be "how to go hang gliding" or something else that's also fun and expensive and then we've lost them. I don't think that having a friendly note that says "Be sure to find an experienced guy and hang out with them" cuts it these days.

    It's not yet complete, but the "getting ready for your first rally" area is very fleshed out:

    You can find the link to Rally University right on the home page of NRS. At the top, because that's how important I think it is to cater to the new guys.

    And keep the questions coming! A third of the topics so far I never would have thought of without help.

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    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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    Oooo hang gliding! Great idea, I'm gonna go look that up.


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    "Do I really have to buy all that stuff?"
    Rally and other motorsports, there is often a lot of generous folks that lend equipment to those giving it a shot for the first time. Examples being, helmets, suits, intercoms, head and neck restraints. Car builders may often find used tires and other stuff, by simply asking. It's often more practical to borrow stuff the first time around to figure out what you like and don't like. If you find that rally isn't for you, you don't have a lot of left over gear.

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