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    A weather update for the Ithaca Rally:

    Tonight (Friday) - low in the 20's.
    Saturday - high in the low 40's, partly sunny, light winds (14-18 mph).
    Saturday night - chance of snow after 2 am, low in the 20's, light winds (13-17 mph).

    Ought to be a nice evening for a drive.
    Happy Motoring!

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    Do you know if there is snow on the ground out there right now?
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    On Saturday, February 19th the Series continues with Cabin Fever.

    Starts at Charlie Riedels, 3140 County Road 10, Canandaigua, NY

    Finishes at Cheap Charlies, 6 Elm Street, Bloomfield, NY

    Registration open from 3:00 - 4:00 pm
    Novice School 3:30 - 4:00 pm
    Drivers' Meeting 4:15 pm
    First Car Off 4:31 pm

    First Car Finishes ~ 10:30 pm

    SCCA Members $35/car Guests $45/car

    Approximately 180 miles of paved and unpaved roads.

    C'mon, ya know ya want to.

    See the FLR-SCCA website for more info.
    Happy Motoring!

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    OK, OK! Time for another one!

    On Saturday, March 2nd we're starting (and finishing) W W R 2013 at the Yard Of Ale Canal House Inn in Piffard, NY (near Geneseo, NY).

    Registration open from 3:00 - 4:00 pm
    Novice class at 3:30
    Drivers Meeting at 4:10
    First car off at 4:31

    More info as usual at the FLR-SCCA website.

    Spend Saturday night watching reruns of Lawrence Welk with your Mom (Ach, Willie is sickened by ye pantywaists!) or be brave and run a rally in upstate NY that will cover about 150 miles of paved and unpaved roads.

    Have some fun in the snow or sit home with Mumsie and listen to 50 year old polka music? Hmmm, hard choice...
    Happy Motoring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sureshot007 View Post
    Do you know if there is snow on the ground out there right now?
    Ditto. Expecting any snow this week?
    Mike Kamm
    '91 Sentra SE-R

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    Always expecting. Sometimes disappointed.
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    Latest word from the National Weather Service is for temps in the upper 20's during the day and down into the teens overnight for the next couple of days.

    New snowfall for Friday will total about an inch or so. Snow showers for Saturday and Saturday night.

    We'll probably get an inch or two of snow as a total for the next few days.

    But then again, around here we say that if you don't like the weather then you should either wait five minutes or drive five miles to get something different.
    Happy Motoring!

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    Last Call for the Winter Series 2013!

    On Saturday, 3/23 Slip Sliding Away will start out of (and end up at) Cheap Charlie's (8 Elm Street, Bloomfield, NY)

    Registration 3:00 - 4:00pm
    Novice Class 3:30 - 4:00pm
    Drivers Meeting 4:15pm
    First Car Off at 4:31pm

    About 150 miles of "paved, dirt, and seasonal use roads" so fun will be had by all.

    As with the rest of the series, this will be a TSD rally at street legal but interesting speeds. Speed groups assigned by experience (and by tire quality if applicable -- snows are a good idea).

    Go to the FLR-SCCA site for the usual overview, info, and other crapola.

    C'mon, ya know ya want to.

    Beats the snot out of staying home and having to watch yet another showing of "Steel Magnolias" with your grandma and then another Lawrence Welk show from the late 1950's.

    Which is better? Watching a tear-jerker chick flick and then some fine accordian & polka music with little old ladies that smell like potpourri and cat pee or driving on mud, snow, dirt, and/or ice at night and some fine roads in upstate NY?

    Groundskeeper Willie laughs at ye if ye choose to stay to home with yer Mum and Grandmum, ya cheese eaters!
    Happy Motoring!

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