The Winter Series begins!!!
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Thread: The Winter Series begins!!!

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    Default The Winter Series begins!!!

    On Saturday, Dec. 1st the "Dust Off The Cobwebs" TSD will do just that.

    Begins at Charlie Riedles Restaurant in Canandaigua, NY. (3140 Townline Rd. -- intersection of State Routes 5 & 20 West and County Road #10)
    Ends at MacGregor's, 759 South Main St., Canandaigua, NY (good food and quite a large number of beers on tap.

    Registration from 2:45 - 3:45 pm
    Novice school at 3:15
    Drivers' meeting at 3:45
    First car off at 4:01
    First car should finish at about 10:30 pm.

    About 130 miles long. A large percentage of the roads in this series are unpaved (varies from rally to rally).

    SCCA Members - $35/car; non-members $40/car.

    Classes: Equipped, Limited, Stock, and Novice.

    Three speed groups. All speeds are within the legal limtis of NY State. The challenge is to stay on time and NOT drive over your skills and equipment.

    What do you need? A licensed driver plus at least one other passenger/navigator, an insured and street legal vehicle, a tow strap, and 90 minutes worth of road flares or at least one DOT triangle. Snow tires are highly recommended for the series as "all season" tires might get you limited to a different speed group.

    This is a precursor to the SCCA Finger Lakes Region Winter Rally Series.

    For more info check out their rally calendar at

    The flyer for this event can be found at

    For the novices, Time/Speed/Distance rallies are run like a railroad -- you get points for showing up at unknown checkpoints if you are either early or late. Low score wins. The object is NOT to go as fast as you can but to stay on time at given speeds. You can learn more about TSD road rallies at the FLR-SCCA website.

    For those who do not know this series dates back several decades and is put on by a large part of the folks who are responsible for STPR. That's enough of the bona fides but it's a good thing to have brisk speed TSD's that run on Saturday nights during the winter months.

    That is unless ye prefer sitting on yer bum, ya cheese eating panty waists. Willie laughs at ye.
    Happy Motoring!

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    Is it that time of year already?
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    No, it's early. Didn't realize the tune-up event was a full 130 miles, or I might have been jonesing to make the drive up.

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    Lee is out of town this weekend.....for his JOB! I know, I can't believe it either. If Dana doesn't have to work, maybe she'll sit in the silly seat.
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    Oxford, Penna.


    I thought YOU were his employer.

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    You'd think so, wouldn't you.
    Jim Perrin - #716, but no more Jeep.... -

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    OK, the series schedule (as it is so far) can be found here
    Happy Motoring!

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    And the first real event of the 2013 Winter Series will be on Saturday, January 5th.

    Approximately 160 competitive miles.

    Starts and finishes at the Yard of Ale and Canal House Inn, 3226 Genesee Street in Piffard, NY (near Geneseo, NY, which in turn is south of Rochester, NY).

    Registration is between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.
    Novice School is at 3:30.
    Drivers Meeting is at 4:10.
    First Car Off is at 4:31.

    First Car Finish is approximately 11:00.

    SCCA members $35/car; non-members $45/car.

    35 car limit to the field so pre-registering is a good idea.

    More details can be found on the flyer which can be found at

    This is a brisk speed TSD rally put on by the Finger Lakes Region of the SCCA.

    Come out and run a fun night on the Winter Series. Most roads in these rallies tend to be unpaved. Snow tires highly recommended (all-season tires might limit your speed group). A tow rope and either DOT triangle or 90 minutes of flares are required. Each car must have one driver and at least one navigator.

    Classes include Equipped, Limited, Stock, and Novice.

    The rally series runs on public roads at legal speed limts. Don't be fooled -- these rallies are a challenge and a lot of fun!!!

    And Groundskeeper Willie will show you what a Scotsman wears under his kilt if ye are too much of a pantywaist to stay home.
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    Happy Motoring!

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    Default re

    bumping this as FLR Winter Rally series is a great series to get your feet wet with winter driving and unpaved surfaces! great, fun competitors for TSD!
    Alvin Fong
    Black Box rally team

    Our blog:
    Find us on facebook:

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    Here we go again -- This time in Ithaca, NY.

    The Ithaca Rally will be held on Saturday, Jan. 19th.

    Start/Finish at The Manos Diner, 357 Elmira Rd. (Route 13), Ithaca, NY

    Registration from 2:00 - 3:30 pm
    Novice School 3:00
    Drivers Meeting 3:40
    First Car Off at 4:01
    First Car Finishes at approximately 10:45 pm

    Want a big bang for yer buck? How about a rally that covers approximately 185 miles of paved and unpaved roads on a Saturday night in January? Let me state that again: 185 miles. Try that on for size.

    Or ye kin stay at home with yer dear mother and watch reruns of Lawrence Welk, ya cheese eater! Ach, Willie is sickened by the sight of ya.

    More info at the FLR-SCCA website as usual.
    Happy Motoring!

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