Rally lives in Texas again!
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Thread: Rally lives in Texas again!

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    Default Rally lives in Texas again!

    Due to the efforts of Brianne Corn, there will be a rally event Thanksgiving Weekend. It will be some sort of rally sprint on steroids, not a little drive around the cones event like the SCCA RallyCross. It will be at Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos. The reason it is being called a rally sprint instead of a full performance rally is that it will be held entirely on the infield at Harris Hill. There are over 2 miles of road. The roads will be completely baby butt smooth by the time of the event as Brianne owns a road grader and knows how to use it. Open to all caged cars so Lemons and Chump Cars and even SCCA IT cars are welcome. No co-driver required although you may use one if it makes you faster. Possible cost is around $250 with total mileage of around at least maybe 30 or more. More information to be made available as we discover it.

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    As far as I know there are no trees to hit,(google earth) so maybe this would be a good event to let some of the crew or your significant other sit in the silly seat. Brianne has promised a few jumps for those that like to fly in cars. This is a good event to practice your skills- breaking points, entry/exit ... as you will be running the stages more than once.
    Going to bring the 510 home tomorrow and start putting it back together for the event. It should be a fair fight between Bradley in the 510 and Brianne in her RWD, FIA caged grader. What are y'all laughing for? Ill bet money shes tried drifting it already.
    Brad Fast
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    Well, the rally gods are smiling on Texas. The rally sprint is back on for Thanksgiving weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
    Well, the rally gods are smiling on Texas. The rally sprint is back on for Thanksgiving weekend.
    Who's the sanctioning body?

    Have you issued a press release?

    Supplemental regulations?

    Have you invited drivers from across the Midwest?
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    Richard, Post up the goods Por Favor.... It's all interstate from turkey dinner to you and if it's unsanctioned, it plays well with our expired licenses. I have a couple weeks to put the car back together.
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    Yikes - we did manage to break a rotor in the distributor when we rolled one year at POR (in a 510), but never the points............

    Quote Originally Posted by BFast View Post
    This is a good event to practice your skills- breaking points,
    press on,
    just a poor, dumb, Michigan(now Wisconsin) navie

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    Registration and event info is now live.


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    1) NASA Rally Sport
    2) Not yet, want to help write one?
    3) Supp regs posted here.
    4) FB post up, I'm going to email the folks in the area that I have addresses for, but that's not many.

    Quote Originally Posted by bknblk View Post
    if it's unsanctioned, it plays well with our expired licenses.
    It's NRS, but since it's the end of the year and licenses expire in just a month and a half and it's a region where no one would have licenses... we're having a fire sale: Rally license for five bucks. (Still need a regular NASA membership, but that's a 365 day, so no loss there.) Just doing that to help out rally down there.

    I want to thank Brianne, she's been working hard and we've been going back and forth on this till 10pm each night ironing out details over the last few days.


    NASA Rally Sport Director
    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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    Next year might be able to figure this into some planning... The g/f (future fiance) has family in Dallas that they usually travel down for T-day dinner (not this year) but might be able to somehow drag a rally car down with me next year...

    Hope this works out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MConte05 View Post
    The g/f (future fiance)
    Future Fiance! There goes your rally life. I can give plenty of recent examples if you like.
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