My name is Matt. Born, raised, and still live in St. Louis. Been around rally for 4-5 years now. I've done 000 and 00 lead car duty at 100 Acre Wood a few times, and marshalled at PFFR. I've probably done about 15-20 local rallyX events. In the last 3 years I got married, got a house, had 2 kids, and went through night my time to 'play' has been greatly reduced. So I was pretty excited when I recently got the opportunity to co-drive at the upcoming Perryville event... but I don't have any of my own equipment! I've sourced a hans, but still need a suit/helmet. If anyone knows of some that I could borrow for this event, please let me know! This will be my first chance to climb into a car that is actually going on stage, and I can't get there without the equipment!

I'm 5'11 / 180#, and wear a Large helmet.

So hello, and thanks for any help!