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Thread: Viewing forum posts of users stops at 4-2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssadmin View Post
    Try going to your USERCP and ...

    No, I'm not going to "try" anything.

    I've had my "posts per page" set to 40 for... over a decade. I've been digging through old posts using search and advanced search, in its various incarnations, through various versions of this board, for over a decade. In this instance, I'm not asking you for advice, I'm describing to you the behavior as it exists.

    It sure would be neat if you could alter the search options, to add a date range, like "find threads between 2001 and 2004", but I don't expect that change any time soon.

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    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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    OK, I'm a really stupid user (I don't speak geek).

    WHERE do I find USERCP ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ssadmin View Post
    Try going to your USERCP and select General Settings

    Scroll down until you see view thread options.

    Number of Posts to Show Per Page: (Use user default) ---> Max 40 post per page

    Use this option to set the number of posts to show in a thread before splitting the display into multiple pages.

    Default Thread Age Cut Off: (Use user default) ---> Show all thread

    You may specify a time period from which to display threads. Threads older than the age you specify will not be shown.

    Use the drop down option to expand the thread display.

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    It's the "Settings" link at the very top right of the page where it shows your screen name and Log Out, etc.


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    To be honest, the option remained the same since the change over and I wouldn't look into changing it as it can kill the DB running a query that long. I will see if I can tweak around the search options to have more refine options like years of the thread

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    I say enough stupid things now to be alright with my old posts being nonsearchable
    Oskar-the Citation.

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