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    Talking Prescott Thanks

    What a way to cap off the 2012 California Rally Series Championship! Lots of great competitors and lots of great competition!
    I'm stoked to be competing again, and Eddie just might convince me to stay in G2 and buy Hoche a turbo.

    Michael Taylor - You and your team - Congrats! Volunteers & Communicators - Thank You!
    I saw lots of spectators this weekend, and I've already seen a ton of posts and pictures show up on Google from them - this is great! Real rally is on real stages and not in an arena. MaryAnne and the press team doing an awesome job with driver / co-driver interviews at the start of the stage! USRC and CRS coverage!
    When everything 'changed' in the standings on the final turn - there was a lot of scrambling to get the story out - great job!
    The Gibeault Notes were top notch! No recce`? No problem!

    Special thanks to my crew - Dan & Brian
    Thanks to Doug Nagy for his help with our soft strut on Friday night. Thanks Odi from FEAL Suspension for returning my 10PM call.
    Awesome job this weekend Eddie and Tom - you guys 'turned it up' right when you needed to. I beat my personal best by 30 seconds on Firstville and I needed 11 more!

    I hope to see you all at the CRS awards banquet!
    - Kris
    NASA Rally Sport Director
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    Definitely a great time.

    Speaking of Michael Taylor..

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    Great fun and very well organized, on-time, and well-timed event! Happy to make a return to CRS after a half decade or so of absence!

    Alex - My Co-Driving Website - My British Rally Blog

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    Thanks to the organizers and especially the volunteers! Glad we got to chat with the folks at start/finish, and hopefully put on a good show for everyone else in between . Seems like we keep finding these one of a kind roads on the west coast . Appreciate all the pacific folks out there which helped us feel at home.

    Alvin Fong
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    Another amazing Prescott rally. I love these roads: Uphill, downhill, valley-bombing, fast, twisty, day, night, even a bridge! I found the roads in awesome shape, I'm amazed Michel found a rock because I found we could drive the whole road with little fear of rocks.

    Thanks for well organized event. I don't know how Micheal gets around so much. I could have sworn he was at the start of every stage talking to competitors to see how things were going. Scoring was top notch as usual thanks to the Gibeaults, Millars, and the usual cast of characters. Thanks to all the volunteers!

    The competition was fun and Kris certainly made us push that last stage. I pretty much gave it all I had.

    Cheers to Keith and Mara for really showing what sets rally above other motorsports in terms of camaraderie. Glad they received the Carl Merrell award. They earned it.

    Ok, got to go rinse the champagne out of my suit now.

    It was fun while it lasted. Old podcasts and interviews up at: Stage Notes Radio: Rally Podcast

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    Congrats on your champagne spray ... guess laying those rocks during reccee paid off?? what rock? the rock I read about on your facebook ... J/K !!

    Sorry I had to miss out on an epic Prescott (booo) somehow i managed to pouch my finances even on a shoe string budget (I knew shoe strings were a luxary i didn't need)
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Fiorelli View Post
    I'm amazed Michel found a rock because I found we could drive the whole road with little fear of rocks.
    It was pulled out by a previous competitor. I don't usually hit stuff.

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    We had a blast, including figuring out how to extract our crashed car :P

    We'll be back next year, and thanks to all the volunteers for putting on a fun, timely rally!

    Special thanks to the folks in sweep E1!

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