Adam, ok we are back from Baja California and we managed to get you guys a better shipping rate for 2013. We sent you and other interested racers an updated quote on the shipping, plus details on the FIA homologated Pug that we have for rent. Pay close attention to the link we gave you with important WRC demographics that you can show to your partners, this will help you. We discovered this info in 2010, as a true rookie in this motor sport no one really tells you about this. We ended up getting the link from one of the FIA bosses when we were headed to WRC Bulgaria, he was amazed how we managed to race on such a tight budget with no rally experience, and used tires. Too bad we lost Tecate Beer, because of Heineken, oh well one day we will race in a European rally. Hope you guys make it to Mexico in 2013.

Aslo sent you our race packages for those interested in racing with us to go finish the King of the Hammers and the Mint 400 in 2013. We understand that KOH and the Mint are different motor sports but once you race with us, you will understand how easy and fun, and the meaning of the Bongo.

Happy Holidays.