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    While working in Trinidad, I've joined the local Trinidad & Tobago Rally Club, acquired a rally car, and completed the first event. Although new to driving a RH drive rally car, and despite a some stalls and nearly getting stuck, I drove a Mitsubishi Evo III converted to FWD to a 3rd in SM4 class finish at Rally Tobago, July 14th, 2012. My team partner and co-driver Todd Schmidt did a fantastic job calling notes and keeping us on time. It was his first ever rally or competitive motorsports event. Our local service crew did a fantastic job getting the car reassembled, tested and prepared for the rally. Minor problems were quickly remedied, and we were always out of the Service Park with time to spare.

    Rally Tobago consisted of 11 stages over a challenging and technical course near Black Rock on the island of Tobago. The morning stages were ideal conditions, and cars were setting fast times. As the cars started the 5th stage, an intense rain storm pummeled the site blowing down the scoring canopy and drenching the many fans, marshals and crews. The remaining stages were incredibly slick, and it was an immense challenge to keep the car on the road. Despite the adverse conditions and horrible visibility, we persevered and managed to even climb up the leader board for a strong finish.

    Rallying in the Caribbean is very represented, and competition is fierce. Most teams are well sponsored and there is a strong fan following. Local TV coverage is ever present, and I provided several interviews about our first all American Rally Team in the country. Currently there are 6 events held each year, with Rally Tobago being the 3rd event and the only rally held not on the island of Trinidad. Over the next three months, there is one rally each month held down South on fast flowing gravel roads through hills and cane fields near San Fernando. Todd and I look to build on our podium finish and push hard to capture a class win and a strong overall finish.

    After the 2012 TTRC season is finished in October, I plan to enter Perryville and Paris Rallies in the fall, SnoDrift, and 100AW in the winter, then start the 2013 TTRC season at the 3 day long Rally Trinidad event in late March.

    For more information and photos, follow these links:
    "Team USA" Photos:
    http://s913.photobucket.com/albums/ac336/essell51/Rallies/Rally Tobago 2012/
    Home Page: http://www.rallytrinidad.com/home/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TTRCfans
    Video of top competitors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tapAHW6pDE
    Kelly Village TV interviews and Media Launch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et_Hpgndmro
    TriniTuner TTRC Tobago Rally Thread: http://www.trinituner.com/v3/forums/...?f=29&t=445826

    There should be many more photos and videos posted in a few days, including video from a roof top camera by KVTV on SS11.

    Special thanks to our sponsor Esau Oilfield Supplies, TTRC, the local Trailblazers club, event Marshals, and the Tobago officials, Police, and fans who helped make possible this fantastic rally experience.

    Best Regards,


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    Good job Scott!

    Did you buy or rent your car?
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    We purchased the car.

    Thanks, SL

    Quote Originally Posted by johnhuebbe View Post
    Good job Scott!

    Did you buy or rent your car?

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    Congrats Scott & Todd!

    Wondering if any Pugs running in that event?

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    Good to hear Scott!

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    Jeez, this just makes a person shake their head is amused disgust. A good friend of mine lives in San Fernando. Carnival’s something else.... So back to the disgust

    Trinidad’s barley 50 miles long by 40 miles wide. Population roughly half that of the St Louis metro area. And they have a well subscribed 6 event championship that outsiders can buy a car AND get sponsored to run.

    AND they get all the cool cars from Japan.... Skylines all over the place.
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    And not far away is Barbados with a fantastic tarmac rally series. I believe I may have been the only competitor from the US last month competing at Rally Barbados. I was co-driver for Vishal Dhanraj in an Opel Corsa. It was an awesome rally experience. Unfortunately the leased car gave us so grief, so we only completed about half the stages and were not able to be competitive.


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