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    Through sheer dumb luck I'm going to find myself in Colorado Springs on the July 7/8 weekend, which I recently discovered is the weekend of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. I haven't been to that event in 15 years, and would like to again. But due to the fact that I have to fly out of DIA that night, I have a couple questions.

    1. At what time is the event likely to conclude? I recall that it sometimes takes a while to get out of there, so when realistically might I be on the road?

    2. I won't have a car. Is there anybody that might be high-tailing it back to Denver after the event and could dump me at DIA or a SkyRide station in time to make an 8:30 flight?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ben Bradley

    PS: The previous weekend I'll be in Denver. Friday 6/29 Avett Brothers at Red Rocks, 6/30 Timbers v Rapids, and 7/1 Rockies v Padres if any of you are going to be at those events, or might like to try and meet up outside of those times. Otherwise I'll be in CO Springs or possibly Winter Park. Hope to see some of you!

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    Being in the later run groups myself...I'm not planning to take a green before 2pm from the history of things and entry count. If the weather comes in...who knows. If it all goes to plan and the stars align I suppose it "could" be done by then.

    I'd strongly suggest you park somewhere near the dam or better yet: out on 24 somewhere and hitch a ride up with anyone. Walk up the road as far as you feel you'd like to watch from and then hitch a ride back down when you need to go. Even parking at the dam and expecting to get out and down the road by so predetermined time would be a wing and a prayer. You drive up to Devils...and expect to be to the toll gate before 5:30pm...I don't think I'd try it unless that plane is way late. You got another 2hrs + to DIA from there.
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