Hello fellow rally fans and racers!
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Thread: Hello fellow rally fans and racers!

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    Default Hello fellow rally fans and racers!

    My name is Mike and I'm from Philadelphia area PA. Like many of you on this forum, I have profound passion for rally and motor racing in general. I caught my first glimpse of rally racing on Speedvision (before it was SPEED) at about 3am lol. I remember seeing the top down view from a helicopter and a car flying through the woods mostly sideways...I was hooked! Since that time I went to college and followed the WRC religiously (thank god for torrents). Last year I finally got the chance to go to STPR and I even volunteered. Volunteering and spectating from the woods was okay, but I need more exposure! Shortly after I saw that clip (probably 7 years ago) on TV I did a bunch of research and came across Team O'Neil rally school. I've wanted to attend the school ever since. Earlier this week, a dream came true (a corny as that sounds), I signed up for the two day rally school! I'll be going up on the 21st of this month and I couldn't be more excited!

    I basically joined this forum so I could connect with others who have interest in rally and to possibly connect with rally teams to gain further exposure the sport! I may be attending GRC in Charlotte so I'll be posting around to see if I can connect with a team and maybe volunteer.

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    Welcome! Have fun at TON. I did the 3 day class about a year ago and it was hands down the most exciting, fun experience I have ever had. I've been doing SCCA RallyX for a while and slowing talking myself into jumping into stage rally. I hang out on the forums to help me convince myself.


    '98 VW Jetta TDI - RallyX/DD
    '96 Subaru Impreza - Rally car

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