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    Default Welcome To rally, Lucas Oil

    I think this is great. Long time user, being in the midwest around all the AG equipment, Lucas products are everywhere. Denise knows rally... great fit.

    If you are of the camp that Rally needs more TV time, I've always thought Life on the Edge!! was the best shot we had for national spots, so buy some slick stuff from Denise and maybe some arms will get twisted!
    Oskar-the Citation.

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    Well thank you for the nice compliment Tony. Yes, Lucas Oil now owns MAV TV and expanded their corporate headquarters that have built a larger production studio. Yes, you will find LOORS on Speed, CBS Sports, now NBC Sports has taken up a spot.

    They are fully supporting along with Bilstein USA of the Southwest RallyCup Series and has the Lucas Oil 2WD championship in the SW. We are in discussions for further expansion elsewhere.

    Already they sponsor Car# 90 (Lauchlin O"Sullivan/Scott/Putnam) and a New Zealand Rally Team a teenager rally driver Alex Kelsey -winning his fifth victory this year in the New Zealand Rally Extreme Series..which I am proposing to put together here in the USA...already started with Arizona Extreme Rally.

    So yes...rally and Lucas Oil will be a good fix with good products.
    Denise McMahon

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    Perhaps a relation to Richard Kelsey.

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    Good call Steve- age matched up so I looked him up.

    Also, some engineering imagination: "Kelsey had to change all the Impreza's body panels and adapt the wheel arches to accommodate the 30cm suspension travel, which is twice as high as the Group N, NZRC cars.

    His reasoning was based on New Zealand's highly cambered roads.

    ''When you are going corner to corner, the car is sort of airborne. If you've got a lot more travel, the car has got to be easier to drive.''

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    I dunno how I missed seeing Lucas added to the list of vendors. My friends a Dirt Late Model driver in Ontario and she..yes she, uses the Slick Mist to keep the clay collecting on the car to a minimum as well as all the rest of the product line. I'm keen to support companies that support the grassroots racers. My previous street car had some issues so I thought I'd give Lucas' products a shot. I used the Power Steering stop leak, and Lucas Fuel Treatment and just those 2 products delivered on what they promised. That was 3 years ago and the power steering leak is still gone and fuel economy is staying nice and low compared to before I cleaned it out. My new truck hasnt had any issues yet and I plan to keep it that way when I do my maintenance with Lucas' lineup.

    Thanks for supporting rally and other grassroots and higher racing here in North America
    Rallies worked: CARS: Perce-Neige, Shannonville, Lanark, Black Bear, Galway-Cavendish, Tall Pines. RA: Mt. Washington
    ...also known as VA3KDV

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    Thank you for that compliment and I will send that onward to the corporate office. Keep buying the product and send me your commentaries people and I will forward them on and they will support this sport. But make sure you send them through me since I am the rally messenger for them and it gets noticed since they get so many request and e-mails all the time. So they ahve to weed out certain things but they are very appreciative for the comments and will do their best on the products to keep the public happy.

    If you ever need a case of whatever product..I am sure I can work a deal on the freight side and use my distributor prices....I am there to help you.

    I am working on my next product of the month coming up....but getting media awareness out there about the upcoming Olympus Rally where OPRRacing/Lucas Oil Rally team will be going for their Super Production National Championship win with the use of the Lucas Oil product...keep an eye on the results through
    www.rally-america.com or through their facebook page as well or twitter.

    Any questions keep sending them to this area.
    Denise McMahon

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    I went to watch the lucas oil short course race, at the newly built wild west motorsports park (would be an awesome super special stage for NNR ... btw .. if anyone reading this could maybe make that happen)

    But yarr, they are a very cool company..
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    I am working on that Alex..... It would really make a great super special stage...you might have bumped into some of my partners in crime there from Lucas Oil...good people...good product.

    Denise McMahon
    Lucas Oil Rally Distributor
    marymountdenise @aol.com
    Denise McMahon

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