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    I have been appointed by Lucas Oil to become the rally distributor for their products. Some of you may have seen me at Oregon Trail Rally this past weekend. Several teams were glad I was there to help them out with gear or motor oil due to problems with their car. The Exedy Rally team came running over to get some racing oil, but unfortunately their carneige was worse off then expected and had to retire on Day 2 of the event. They were glad to know there were a place to go real quick to get some motor oil and racing oil on top of that...Sorry to see that they were not able to put in the product to help them finish the event. BUt they do have my card and possibly ready to get with the rally discount program.

    Several rally teams have received the price sheets and catalogs to see what they can order and inquire about what I can do for them down the road.

    I have to say since working with Lucas Oil for over three years plus...we have used some of the products and they really WORK. Actually had John Nispal from OTR come up and personally asked fo the Injector Cleaner due to he bought an tired old car that had been sitting for quite sometime and put this in for fun and the next day the injectors were clean and ran smoothly. So he made a point to come by and buy some and the price was reasonable as he stated. He buys all of the products at the store because he believes that LO products work...

    Pat McMahon has a tired old Isuzu Trooper and power steering was leaking fluids. He put in the LO Power Steering Stop Leak and he saw a difference with no more leaking. Also put in the motor oil and he is getting better fuel consumption and less wear and tear on the engine.

    Dave Belcher(chief of controls-Desert Storm Rally) has a old ex-Riverside County diesel truck. He was giving some Lucas Diesel Oil for a trip he was going up north to pick up a rally car. He noticed a difference in his fuel mileage with less time at the fuel stations as to compared to a year ago going up to North Nevada Rally and the fuel consumption was higher at that time. He will be buying more of this product for the truck.

    The Lucas Oil Team and Doug Nagy(Owner of Streetwise Motorsports) loves the Tool Box Buddy and Slick Mist for the rally cars. I can not keep that in stock because they are always asking for more of that product.

    The Slick Mist just pulls the mud and grime right off your car within two swipes of a towel and helps to keep mud, bugs and tar from sticking to your vehicle. Can be used right in direct sunlight, wet or dry surfaces. Works great for that quick get ready after a stage run to go to a parc expose or parc ferme and need that quick showroom shine.

    The Lucas Tool Box Buddy is one of the newest products packaged in an aerosol can. It's formulated with unique Lucas additive chemistry that lubricates, penetrates, dissolves rust and provides rust protection against water and other outside eliminates.

    Also at OTR, a gentleman came over to the LO Rally car and asked the question about Octane Booster for his road race car. This fuel treatment is being used for other motorsport industry competition. AS we discussed the difference between the other product he used versus the Octane Booster he will noticed the difference. It is a GENUINE Performance Enhancer. It has been tested and proven to deliver three time more BOOST than most other brands. It is safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Stops knocks and raises MPG in high compression engines. Safe for any gasoline engines. (Do note that you can not use at rally events. But you CAN use this for other motorsports competition events that you maybe a competitor which is okay to use.)

    But we are getting the public coming up and telling us about their testimonials and how they love the product(s) which happen at OTR just eating at resturants and wearing our team Lucas Oil clothing.

    I have not discussed about the motor oil's competition performance yet,but the Lucas Oil Rally team has noticed a difference in the car lasting longer and handling a all day performance of competition. As time goes on...I will be going over some of the motor oils and what they have to offer for competition and for your non-competition car or truck.

    If you need my help in any area for your rally car/team. Lucas Oil and I have put together what is called the Lucas Oil Rally Discount Program. I have formulated a program that helps teams knowing about your team budgets.

    So if interested; send me a note via e-mail or call me. I am sure we can work together to keep you on the stage road and finish the rally.

    Denise McMahon
    Lucas Oil Rally Distributor
    e:mail - [email protected] or [email protected]
    mobile: 562-547-4892
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