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    Howdy all,

    Name's Adam, or Xelmon in nearly every other media outlet including Steam.
    Based out of Portland, I'm finishing up Mech E. (like 5 weeks left) and eventually I'll find a job.
    Daily driver is a nice little 98 Civic hatchback with a 68 Chevy van sitting in the garage waiting for TLC.

    I got invited to go out slightly to the East by one of the guys from Tag Rally and I have to say I wasn't dissapointed, it was great to see a rally.
    Thanks to my friends Canon I even took some awesome pictures - will be posted later tonight.

    I asked a few guys where to post some of the pics that I took and... Well, that's how I'm here.
    Pics will be posted once I get home.

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    Im in Oregon too. Hello.

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    Welcome! Be sure to get involved! The Oregon Rally group gets together to put on rallycrosses, as well as organizing the Oregon Trail Rally:

    Check out the link in my signature to a great resource about getting started in rally. Always happy to answer questions, let me know!
    Good place to get started: Rally University

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