Peltor G79 helmet special offer: Recieve a free 3M/Peltor VT614 helmet bag ($99.95 value) with your purchase of a Peltor G79 helmet in the month of March! The first 10 buyers in the month of March will receive a free Peltor G79 Helmet Bag with their purchase of each Peltor G79 helmet!

The new Peltor Helmet and Hans bag provides a protective solution for your helmet and HANS device. Manufactured using the usual Peltor quality, with a soft inner and durable outer, the Peltor Helmet and Hans bag features seperate sections for with zip fastening for added security and includes a two handle or shouler dual carry system for easier transportation to and from events. The Peltor Helmet bag features joint 3M and Peltor branding and an clear identification sleeve to ensure no mix ups with other competitors.

The New Peltor G79 Open face helmet continues the iconic Peltor rally helmet legacy. The Peltor G79 helmet is Peltor's latest ultra-light weight Tricomp Open-face SA 2010 rated helmet with integrated noise attentuating ear protection cups and noise cancelling microphone to ensure ambient noise is reduced both on inward and outward communication channels between driver and co-driver. The shell is manufactured by Mavet SRL in Itlay of a Tricomp composite (a composite of Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass) weighing only 1550 grams, with an EPS absorption liner, and an interior of fire-proof Nomex offering the ultimate balance between strength, safety, weight reduction, and value. The Peltor G79 helmet features an improved integrated "Quick positioning" mocrophone boom design for rapid and improved accurate positioning close to to the mouth, and is noise compensated so that background noise is suppressed by up to 25db across the entire range of speech, giving clarity of speech. Compatible with Peltor FMT110, FMT120, and FMT200 intercom systems and FL50** series adapters. The Peltor G79 helmet also features an improved adjustable peak ensuring the helmet can be used in a variety of lighting conditions optimising visiblity in changing stage settings. The Peltor G79 helmet includes HANS posts for further versatility in use with an HANS device and comforms to FIA 8858-2010 standards. SA 2010 approved, FIA 8858-2010 approved. Available in the white color only. Sizes: M-XL.